Friday, May 20, 2011

Washing Machine

I know I talk about laundry too much, but it is really a full time job for me at this house.  With four kids who think they need to change clothes several times a day and one farmer who plays in grease most days {and one little farmer boy who follows in his dads footsteps and tries to get as in much grease as his dad} it is about all I can do to keep up.  If you want to catch up on my laundry saga you can click here or here or here.

So lately I have been noticing my washing machine doesn't always spin out correctly.  The clothes seem to be soaking wet.  I have had this trouble before and my wonderful husband fixed the problem {at least he seemed too}.  I mostly have this trouble with towels and jeans because of the weight when they are wet.  I removed half of the towels I put in and ran the washer again and it seemed to be fine.  I did the same with the jeans and had success.  However, when I bought my current washing machine they told me to put as much in as I could and as long as the door shut it should be fine.  So of course every load I do is large....duh!!!  Is it a problem that I have a few heavy cinder blocks propped up against the door to make sure it stays closed?!? I am just kidding I don't use cinder blocks I use a 5 gallon bucket full of laundry soap!!!  Okay, so I am kidding there too.  I don't think I am over loading the washing machine I think my washing machine is starting to clap out on me......again!!!

This leads me to dream look online at new washers and dryers.  I have found a couple sets that I think would suit me just fine.  I am just preparing for the day when my washer finally calls it quits!!!

This one is an Electrolux Washer that says it can wash in 18 minutes and they say the dryer can dry in 18 minutes as well!!!! I think this option could turn my full time job of laundry into a part-time job!!!!!!


Or there is this option from Whirlpool that claims it can hold three baskets/loads of laundry at once.  Which could also cut my full time job in half!!!!  I think I want a front loader because that is where I pile everything.  If I got this I would have to find another spot for all my laundry soap.

Whirlpool  4 Cu. Ft. Top-Load Washer (Lunar Silver) ENERGY STAR

I have never had a matching set and I told my husband I am not buying a new washing machine until I can buy the matching dryer!!!  I think this would make laundry more enjoyable....don't you?

Anyone have any thoughts on washers and dryers that they would recommend?  I forgot to mention both of the above units have VERY HEFTY price tags.....ouch!!!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


  1. Yes, the price tag is hefty. But, if they last a long time, they will be well worth it. And, how much is your time worth? Remember, the front loader means bending a little bit more. Good luck in getting the matching units.

  2. DO NOT buy a front loader without buying the platforms or at least building some yourself. Bending over isn't the big deal, it's pulling on and holding wet, heavy laundry in that position.

    I had mid-line Maytags for 27 years. Replaced them with top-of-the-line Maytag Neptune set. Wish I had my old set back. The electronic controls are nice, but break down more and don't have the flexibility of the old set.

    Good luck with your laundry set!


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