Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Major Breakdown...

Part of farm life is the constant battle with breakdowns.  Breakdowns happen all to often and never at a good time.  They like to "show up" during harvest and they are not picky as to whether it is wheat or corn harvest.  They show up during haying, during planting, and during spraying....well they "show up" all the time when it is not a good time.  Nothing is more frustrating for my husband than breakdowns.  Oh, and then if he has to order a part and wait for it to arrive there is precious time getting wasted {this should allow him time to take his wife out} while he is at a standstill.  No, not really, because there is always work to be done on the farm.  There is NO time for nonsense like that!!!  For example, my birthday ALWAYS falls when he is drilling wheat {I am considering coming up with an alternative day for my birthday}.  He is busy and I am an understanding wife and allow him to get the wheat in the ground on my birthday.  It is just another "normal" day for me.  I guess it is a normal day for him as well {he has forgot my birthday before...but I am not counting the TWO times he did....I promise}.

Anyhow, back to the breakdown I had.  I was attempting to complete my "weekly laundry list" and I had noticed that when my washing machine was done running the clothes seemed to be a little "wetter" than normal.  I threw in another load and this time it was really wet when it was suppose to be finished.....{ughhh.....sigh}.  My hubby was kind enough to be my repair man and fix the washing machine.  I have a front load washing machine and it has this little "catch all" pouch thingy ma bob that eats socks and various items like these:

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this did not do my washing machine any good.  Did I mention that my washing machine is only five years old.....FIVE!!!!!!  The last one we had only lasted two years!!!!!!  I get really jealous when I see someone load their "Harvest Gold" washing machine with dirty laundry and put a washed load in their "Harvest Gold" dryer and it washes and dries it without missing a beat.  I am also jealous when I see the same thing happen with an "Avocado Green" set as well.  You know those sets are probably 40 plus years old!

So it is obvious that Lincoln has really been through the ringer!!!!!  I hope that my washing machine does not start to "nickel" and "dime" me too!!  My repair man researched what the problem might be and found the part we needed.  He checked some local stores to see if they carry the part and of course they don't so we had to order one {should this allow a date night while we wait for the part?!?!?}.  We had to pay thirty bucks to get it here in two days.....otherwise it would take about three weeks.  I think I may go into washing machine withdrawal if I had to wait that long!!!  Then I would have to seek professional help and that would cost more than thirty I won't complain about how costly, expensive, not frugal, rip-off, ridiculously priced the shipping was for a tiny little part!

So you can only imagine what not having my washing machine is like with a family of six.  It is not a pretty site so please brace yourself for what several days of being broke down looks like{viewer discretion advised}.

It is overwhelming.....I KNOW!!  Thankfully I am loved and my neighbor allowed me to use her washing machine as well as my mom.  This is how much they love may want to brace yourself for this as well......THEY EVEN FOLDED IT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!  Now if I could figure out a way to get them to come to my house {I will bake cookies.......or make a fruit pizza because they both love my fruit pizza} and put the laundry away I would be set.  Shhhh!!! Don't drop any hints to them about me bribing them with food!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


  1. Fun blog....glad you took up the hobby! I know I enjoy "sharing my two cents worth too".

  2. we had a paper clip reak havoc on our front load washer. same story. probably same part.

  3. so i should be content with my old white washer and drier? i believe i did have harvest gold once. :) no repairmen needed so far on the white ones... but i do look longinly at the front loaders in the fun colors at store.


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