Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Lawn Mower Saga........

For several weeks I have been asking my husband to get my mower tuned up and ready for another year.  For several weeks my husband has been gearing up to plant corn {and is currently planting corn}.  I usually do all 95% of the mowing at home at.  Our yard is rather large and then I also mow around our corrals, grain bins, barn, garage, hog shed, and the rows of trees that form our wind break.  Needless to say I am very thankful to have a riding lawn mower because it takes half a day to mow everything with the rider.

For several weeks now my mower is still sitting there staring at me with a sad face.  It is ready to get to work, but has a flat tire and just needs a little "spa" treatment to get its motor running.  Each day it sits there and each day the grass gets taller.......sigh!!!  I have been reminding my husband everyday to get the mower going {because he forgets.....everyday}.  I am not sure when "reminding" turns into "nagging", but I am sure I am getting close.

So my friend and neighbor happens to have one of these.

This here folks is an Earthwise 36 volt electric lawn mower.  It takes no $4 a gallon gas.....none!!!  You simply charge the battery and mow.  My friend was kind enough {because she understands when husbands don't do their honey-do lists} to let me borrow it.

I only mowed the grass around the house {and remember I have a large yard} because that is what needed it the most.  The mower did quite well and you have the option to bag, mulch, or shoot the grass out the side {is there a fancy term for that}.  I decided to bag the grass since it was tall.  The mower didn't seem to bog down too bad at all.  I could tell it was pulling down on the motor draining the battery in the REALLY tall grass, but still did a great job.  I mowed for about 2 hours and still had battery left.  Another great feature is there is no cord to yank on {and throw your back out} to get it started.  Simply push the button and squeeze the handle and you are off and mowing.  Overall I think this is a great mower!

If you are interested in this mower {like I am} you can check it out here.

I think I need want an electric mower now.   Since I do not have a small mower to get up close to the house and in all the nooks and crannies I think this could be a great option for me.   I wouldn't have to wait on the hubs to get my rider tuned up either.   Plus, it is safe enough for the kids to operate {and it could cut me down to only having to do 80% of the yard work} because it shuts off instantly when you let go of the handle.  I NEED ONE!!!

I will still remind my husband EVERYDAY that he STILL needs to get my riding mower going though!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


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