Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm a Coffee Lover....

I love coffee!!!  Actually, I am addicted to it.  I really hate to be around myself if I don't get at least 4 cups of coffee every morning.  I can't function without it {and I get a headache.....also pronounced "headgate" at our house}. 

I am perfectly happy with regular old coffee.....Classic Roast Folgers to be exact.  I am thankful I live in the sticks because it is over an hour away to the nearest Starbucks {too far to make the trip everyday}.  Plus my budget wouldn't allow me to stop everyday if I did live close to one.  Most days I drink my coffee black, but I do love creamer.  I gave up creamer {most of the time} because I realized how many calories I was consuming with my brewed cup(s) of heaven every morning.  I imagine my preferred drink of choice at Starbucks packs some serious calories too.  

So recently I have discovered Starbucks Frappaccino that happens to be available at every gas station around.  These have probably been around for years, but I have managed to pass by them.  I now have a problem......I LOVE them too!!!!  I can't pass them up!!!!  They are about 300 calories of pure coffee goodness and also cost some serious smack!!!  I wonder if they sell these in a six pack?!?  Hi, my name is The Farmer's Wife and I am a Starbucks Frappaccino addict.


Dang you Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


  1. Love this post! But of course, for me, anything that mentions Starbucks gets my attention!

    I didn't start drinking coffee until I was about 35 years old. I enjoy it too, but have yet to find that "perfect cup". I've tried Folger's, Pear's, Millstone, etc. Right now I am grinding my own Starbucks beans and giving that a try. Smooooth coffee is what I prefer; I am still working on it! So, unlike you, I am a bit of a coffee snob. Creamer is a must for me, but I do have to say I use less and less all the time.

    Those Starbucks Frappuccinos can be dangerous, because they are so delish and go down so smoothly! Costco offered a coupon for a 12-pack awhile back. The 9.5 oz. bottles (200 calories) ended up being about 70cents a bottle! Not too bad of a treat. And, yes you can buy them in a pack, not a 6-pack, but a 4-pack at Wal-Mart!

    Love reading your posts, Jodi!

  2. Oh yea! Anything coffee, everything coffee, love it, gotta have it...I too, love *Bucks, so I had to invest in a Mr. Coffee frappucinno machine anddddd....for Christmas, got a Tassimo machine, love 'em both, I can use skim milk and sugar free ingredients... and helps me stay away from *Bucks (a little anyway!)


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