{Farm Life}

Farming is more than a job....it's a way of life!

Here you will find links to our everyday life on the farm.  Thanks for stopping by.

The Farmer's Wife

Our Brandin'
Read about it here.

Farm Tour
Take the tour here.

My Valentine
Click here to read about my Valentine.

A bunch of BULL
You can read about it here.

 An afternoon on the farm
Farm kids can alway find something to do.  Read about our day here.

Oh Nuts!!!!
Here is a day of working calves.

Country kids and the birds and the bees
When you grow up on the farm this is why you learn
about the birds and the bees at an early age.

Holy Cow!!!
When you are a farm wife you are willing to do this.

Saddle up and join the fun here

Planting Seeds
Read about it here

Stormy Weather
See more pictures here

Pecking Order
See who's Boss here

Read about our fire here.

God Made A Farmer
Click here.

Our County Fair
Click here to see the photos.

Wheat Harvest
Click here to read about it.

Being a Farm Wife
Click here for some laughs!!!!!!

The Office
It is like no other office.  Click here to read.