Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Brandin' 2011

We had our brandin' yesterday.  I was hoping for a gorgeous day since it was the middle of May, but instead we had a rather chilly windy day.  The "cooler" weather didn't stop us from having a great time with friends {and getting the cattle worked}.

 Our brand.

Heading out to round up the cattle.

Cattle are gathered and they are bringing them to the corral.

The future cowboys watch as they sort the cattle.

My middle daughter and her horse Cartoon!

Let the work begin.

My oldest daughter cutting a bull calf {and telling Weston he better behave or "else"}.

You gotta start em young!!!  Brenna is helping hold a calf.

Ropin' n dragging.

The crew at work and the little ones watching every minute of the action.

Six years old and Cauy caught 2 feet and is dragging the calf over to be worked.

Watch out those calves will kick you!!!!

So I guess we are done having kids..............

The last calf is worked and Kolton added a little fun to the finale!!

The Farmer in the dell and I.

After the work is done we head to the shop to eat and socialize...some more!!!

These peanut butter bars are always a hit.  I will share the recipe in a future post.

After everyone ate the kids got a game out.

And played some "shopball".

You must always wear the appropriate attire for shopball.....cowboy boots and chinks. 

Oh and there was some dancing too!!!

Good times, good times!!!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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