Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mud, Stitches, & Mother's Day

WARNING this post contains pictures of blood {and not from livestock, but a real human} so consider yourself warned.

It was incredibly hot here today and the kids wanted to run through the sprinkler so being the good mom I am I let them.  Of course we can't just play in the water we have to involve mud somehow.

Not sure why Emma has her swimming suit top on wrong, but who cares we live in the sticks so nobody would see her.  Maybe it is a new fashion thing that I am not aware of.  They were playing and laughing, and then Jordan said she cut her foot and asked me to bring her a band-aid.  She stuck her foot in a green mossy tank to "wash" it off.   I went to get the band-aid and some paper towels to dry her foot and came back to put the band-aid on, but it was pretty bloody.

Once I got it cleaned up enough to see the cut I had to break it to her that we would be heading to the emergency room for some stitches.  She was not happy about this adventure we were about to embark on, but I did not give her a choice.

She has never had stitches before {it is usually Emma who has stitches} and was mostly afraid of the shot to numb her toe.  She said she would rather have a shot in her mouth than her foot {isn't that backwards compared to what most people think....I work in a dental office so I know these things}.

She questioned everything the nurses were doing.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and so did the nurses.  The nurse asked if she wanted her temperature taken under the tongue or on her forehead.  I mentioned another way they could take, but she didn't find the humor in it.

She was shivering cold and had to soak her foot for awhile before they would start stitching it up.

It doesn't look too bad here, but when they peeled it back to have a better look it was pretty deep.  She squeezed my hand so hard when they numbed her up that I thought they might need to call radiology to x-ray my hand.  I now have a permanent indention from my wedding ring.

They washed it up and removed several pieces of glass and debris.

Here is the blurred {I will spare you the full blown version} picture of her blood, tissue, and toe fat.

All stitched up and she was doing good.

All cleaned up and waiting for them to bandage it up.

She was done with stitches and all sorts of happy that it was done and over with.

But then she had to get a tetanus shot.  She didn't squeeze my hand as hard as the first time {whew....I don't think I would have fingers left if she did}.

Thumbs up and ready to go home!!!  Happy Mother's Day!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


  1. Oh my! That made me cringe!

  2. Oh my gravy! You spent your Mom's Day being a really good mommy! Eek ~ that cut looked pretty bad ! Ouch!

    I can relate to not caring how I dress sometimes when living out here. So many days I'm out hanging clothes on the line, or watering the garden or feeding the chickens in my robe! Although it is a cute robe!


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