Saturday, May 7, 2011

Planting Seeds

As I mentioned earlier my hubs is busy busy busy!!!  We are officially  in full swing on the farm {if there is an unofficial time on the farm please advise me of it because we are always busy}.

So for the past several days my hubs has spent a lot of time in a big green tractor planting corn and spraying the fields.  For the past several days I have spent a lot of time cooking and taking meals to the field for the guys.  My son {who is 4 years old} loves to go with his dad.  You need to have someone in charge and that would be my least he thinks so!!  Anyhow, my son is very disappointed if he doesn't get to eat his lunch in the field.  If he is at home with me and I am taking "field meals" as I call them, he wants me to wrap his food in foil and put his chips in a ziploc baggie and get him ice tea in his Buzz Lightyear water bottle.  These things are very important when you are 4 and love every aspect of farming.

The hubs was about done with this field and ready to move to another when I showed up.  So I thought I would stick around and see this new planter fold up.

But really I just wanted to see if he could fit across this bridge.

And he did.  I would say it was a tight fit, but our friend Troy was with me and said he had tons of room.  They always tell me an inch is as good as a mile so in this case I guess we had about 6-8 miles to work with.  I am glad I wasn't the one driving!!!

Now that the corn is in the ground I have this song in my head....
♪I am gonna live where the green grass grows♪
♪ watchin' my corn pop up in rows♪

The Farmer's Wife

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  1. I love it! Seems to be what EVERYONE is up to in these parts. My neighbor has also been haulin' the cattle to new pastures. Busy, busy, busy is right!


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