Monday, January 31, 2011

When You Live In The Sticks....

First of all I love living in the "sticks".  I love that I can look out my windows and see nothing but nature!  I love that I have a different sunrise to admire every morning.  I love that my kids can have tons room to run and play.  I love that they love that too BTW!  I love that when we are sitting down as a family at our dining room table eating supper that we don't have to wave to our neighbors while they are doing the same thing.   I love that I never have to find a place to park because one is always available {although you may find yourself stepping in a steaming cow pie when you step out of your vehicle....I am okay with will wash}.  I love that I have a perfect backdrop for my photography habit when I walk out my door.  I love looking out my window and seeing a flock of turkeys gallivant through my yard.  I hate when I grab my camera and try to sneak up on them and they take off however.  I love that my kids find it fun to scoop poop out of our old hog shed {they have some plans for the old shed because it has a cement floor and they are determined to "get to the bottom of it"}.  I love that my kids are not afraid to get dirty.  I love that I have a panoramic view of the seasons as they change.  What's not to love? {okay, maybe the roads when they are really muddy}   I love the country!

Not only do I live in the "sticks", I also live in a rural community.  When I go to town, it is a small town {population 700ish people}.  I love the small community because it is like an extended family.  It is like stepping back in time...think back when stores closed at 5pm and were closed on Sundays...that is how it still is in my town.  We do not have pay at the pump at our gas station and we do not have online banking {I am all for both of those happening...some our little town}.  I am very thankful we have the basics in our small town to meet our needs.  I really love our little grocery store.  I would rather shop there than anywhere.  They have great prices, and if there is something you want that they don't carry they will try to get it in for you.   Since it is a small store sometimes they do not have everything I want or need so I learn to plan ahead or go without.....or "farmer rig" something to get by {like using a paper towel as a coffee filter}.

I was telling my friend about my need for some fresh cilantro {which our store does not always carry} and she gave me this handy little tip:
 I bought some cilantro when I went to a "big" town and came home and washed it.

Then I chopped it up really fine.  I love the smell of cilantro so this is a very enjoyable task for me :-).

Then I divided it up into several baggies and added a little bit of water.  Put them in your freezer and then you will have some on hand the next time you need it.  My friend suggested using an ice cube tray, but I am way up town and have an ice maker so I had to come up with plan B and I think it will suit me fine!

So now I will love living in the "sticks" even more because I have fresh cilantro on hand!!!

The Farmer's Wife

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Long Lost Paddle...

This paddle resurfaced after several years thanks to my cousin Katie who remembered where it was stashed.  My mom had given it to my aunt and uncle when my brother and I were grown to carry on the "tradition" of parenting.  According to my mom it is about 33 years old {the exact age I am...hhhmmm}.  My mom said that my dad made it when my brother was a toddler {red heads tend to have a temper...I should know since I lived with him}.  This paddle was used on our behinds when we were naughty.  It has a lot of memories for my family.  Not only was it used on my brother and I, but if my cousins were around and needed to be set straight it would meet their behinds too.  

This is practically a family heirloom now.  You see, when we got the paddle used on our behinds we also got our name wrote on the paddle.  If you notice my name is actually carved {REALLY BIG} into the wood.  It is also wrote on it several other times.  I wish I could remember what it was I did that time, but I can't.   My entire family knew of the paddle and you almost wanted to act up just to get your name on it.  It was almost like a trophy in a sense.  I am sure if I ask any of my cousins about this we could get started on old family stories.   I also think we need to put it back to good use because I have 4 names that need to added to it....make that 5 names....because I am sure Mike needs his name on it too.  Plus, I would love to have "new" stories about the "old" paddle!!!

Just to clear the record, we were never beaten with this.  It was used only on our butts occasionally and sort of became a "joke" and you would want to write your name on it so it would be listed more than any other name.  I think I can even see my grandma's name on it.  Good times {in a weird sense}!!!!

The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The WEEKLY laundry list....

I have come to the conclusion that laundry with a family of 6 is a full time job in itself.  The other day I got all the laundry done {it took me a day and a half of the washer and dryer running nonstop}.  That evening after everyone was in bed I gathered it all up again and sorted it into piles to start the process again.  I was quite amazed to see how much ONE day worth of clothing was.  I had another 4 loads to do!!  So here is my average weekly laundry list:
* 42 pairs of socks
* 28 pairs of jeans
* 14 pairs of "sweater pants" {aka track pants}
* 12 hoodies
* 2 sets of scrubs
* 7 flannel shirts
* 42 shirts
* 7 thermal shirts
* 5 bras
* 42 pair of underwear {say}
* 28 pairs of pjs
* 30ish bath towels {I try to make the kids hang them up and reuse them, but it seems to be the one thing they actually get in the hamper rather than hanging them up}
* 15 kitchen towels & rags
* 42 wash cloths
This is the bare minimum list, but I know it is more because a few of my children think they need to change clothes a couple times a day.  Oh, and the socks should probably be doubled because they find it much easier to grab a new pair if they take them off and then decide to go back outside.

Speaking of laundry I can hear it "beeping" orders at me telling it is time to change it.

The Farmer's Wife

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

We have had several days of snow plus bitterly cold bone chilling temperatures.  My hair froze this morning when I left for work {insert me with icicles hanging from the tips of my hair, snot freezing as it tried to drip out of my nose and teeth chattering here}.  It is colder than a....well never mind.  However, the extreme negative wind chills {I am talking -25 below} does not seem to bother the kids at all.  They were begging to go out and play in the snow.  The Farmer and I got the kids all bundled up and they headed outside {I was surprised none of them had to go pee after we got them bundled}.  I didn't think they would last five minutes outside, but I was surprised they lasted about 28 minutes and 42 seconds!!!!  Kids do not seem to be bothered by the cold temps.  They built snow chairs and made a slide out of the snow and of course they each had to to eat some snow {I suggested only white snow}.  Oh, to be a kid!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mommy blues...

This morning was chaotic as it was the first day back to the normal school routine after Christmas break.  We all were rushing around getting ready and leaving the tornado look behind as we scrambled to get out the door by 6:50am.  My son Hayden asked me this morning if I had to work today to which I replied "yes I do."  He then looked up at me with his enormous brown eyes and said "mommy, I don't want you to work because I want you to stay home with me." {awe....sigh}  I reassured him that he would have a wonderful day playing with his "girlfriend" and that I would see him when I got home.

It is days like today that it is hard to go to work.  That statement was in the back of my mind "all day all day all day all day" {that is a Hayden quote}  More importantly it made my day to know how much I am loved by my son!!

PS:  Hayden always tells me "I missed you all day all day all day all day all day all day......."  He is so stinkin' cute!!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Monday, but at least it is a new year...

Monday, the start of the work week.  There is just something about Monday that you don't look forward too.  I look forward to Friday all week and dread Monday the whole weekend.  Today is Monday, but it is also the start of a new year.  Does that make this Monday any better?  I must confess that Monday is my scheduled day off so I always get to ease into the work week (whew)!  I also have Thursdays off, but that really has nothing to do with Monday, but thought I would share.  Anyhow, now that I have lined up at the feed bunk (see the last couple weeks for the holidays and ate more than my ration, it is now time to start the D word!  I really hate to think about dieting, but it has got to be done!!!!!!!  I also want to exercise!  I get in a groove for about 2 weeks and then just quit!  Sigh!!  Plus, I am not going to have any clothes that fit if I keep on this ration!!!!!!

After a very trying year in 2010 I am really looking forward to a fresh start this year.  With all that said, WELCOME 2011!!!!!!!!  Bring it on!!!

The Farmer's Wife