Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I want to wish all the moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

For me there is no greater gift than my children.  As I watch them grow up too fast I try to seize the days they are still young for I know it won't last forever {just a second........had to grab a tissue.....thinking about them grown and gone out of the house makes my eyes water}.  Sigh!

Growing up my mom was a rock star {not in a} because she could do anything!!!  My mom made sure I always had my hair done up cute {it is probably why I have small eyes....she pulled them long pony tails up good and tight and I felt like it was pulling my eyes....but it was cute} and I was always dressed in the cutest clothes.  She taught me right from wrong and how to braid.  She took my brother and I to sunday school and church.  My mom was always at our school events volunteering her time and energy to help out.  She drove hundreds of miles to watch my brother and I at our sporting events.  She let me get a cocker spaniel puppy for my 10th birthday {her name was Princess aka Yubs}.  She could sew like no other and even made Barbie doll clothes, Halloween costumes, dresses, and made our schools mascot outfit!!!  I spent countless hours with her at the craft store {hmmm, now I make my kids go with me}.  She can play several instruments including the piano.  We spent every weekend at the lake {probably my greatest childhood memories are from our time at the lake} and she taught me and several of my friends to water ski.  I have seen my mom do plumbing, wiring, and woodworking with no problems.  My mom can hunt, fish, and back a trailer.  The list can go on and on. I am not sure there is anything she can't do!!!  Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!....{I know she reads my blog because she is a supportive mom}.  Now she does all these things with my kids!!!!!

Have a great Mother's Day!!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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