Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Porch Fixture

So I noticed our porch fixture hasn't been close to the porch at all today.  I went out and called for her and she came running.  When she got on her porch she seemed a little wound up.  I don't know what she has been up to, but I am sure it is usual behavior for a dog.

She has obviously been nosing around.

And digging.

And trying to look innocent.

She ran back to her "project" and I was thankful to see it was just an ear of corn she had been been burying.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Organizing My Laundry

So by now you are probably sick of hearing about my laundry {if you are sick of it, you don't need to continue reading}!!!!!!  I know it is just laundry, but it seems to be such a huge issue {I have issues}.  Now that spring is here {I did hear the S in SNOW...not Spring in the weekend forecast} my kids seem to change clothes three times a day.  They wear their jeans in the morning, then switch to a tank top and shorts {they have asked to put on their swimsuits too} when they get home from school, and then they grab a hoodie toward evening when it starts to cool off.  Of course, all of that is dirty and they can't hang them up and wear them again {duh}.  Thus, my GINORMOUS mountain of laundry continues to grow at a faster pace than my washer and dryer {and I} can handle.  I can't tell you how many times I have climbed Mt. St. Laundry, but I am pretty sure I should have a medal for it.

Once again, I am trying to come up with a solution to my laundry issue.  I have the new hooks in the bathroom which have helped somewhat.  However, one of my girls would rather accessorize the hook with a fashionable belt, scarf, or handbag rather than the towel I intended them to be for.  I just yell at remind them to HANG up the towel.  My latest laundry helper is small baskets that the kids can take to their rooms and put the clothes AWAY {this is another issue}.

A is for Alivia.  Each kid gets their own basket with their initial one it.  This adds a "cool" factor for the kids and they seem to be excited about their "own" baskets.  I used a piece of cardboard that I cut into a square and then covered it with scrapbook paper.  Then I used a sharpie {I love sharpies} to write their initial on it and punched a hole in the corner.  Then I attached it with a piece of ribbon to the basket.

And when the baskets aren't in use {like that will ever happen} they still stack with the tags on them.

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ropin' and Cleanin'

My son's room use to be the simple room to clean.  He had a bed, a dresser, a tool workbench, a horse, and A basket of toys.  Now he has all that plus several more baskets of toys thanks to Christmas and a birthday shortly after that.  And the fact he thinks he needs to get a new toy each time when go to the store doesn't help the situation.

I was fearing that "Hoarders" might be calling me soon to film at our house if I did not get his room under control.  It is sooooooo much easier to throw toys away sort through all the toys when the kids are not home, but since we had our "uninvited guest" it was not an option to send them with dad while they were feeling under the weather {plus Hayden would not allow more than 3 feet between him and I for about 4 days}.  So I headed into his room to clean and this is what he did the entire time I sorted through every hay bale, tractor, planter, fence, tool, hay bale, swather, skid loader, hay bale, lincoln logs, and occasional lego, oh and hay bales {if I didn't mention that}.

This little crooked grin simply says "Cowboy".

The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unwelcomed Guest...

It has been a really loooonnnnnggg week at our household.  Some unwelcome guest decided to drop in on us!  Those of us that live here have decided not to be a gracious host.  We haven't offered  any accommodations to our guest, but that doesn't bother him at all.  He makes himself at home.  He latches on to whoever he can and makes his presence at our house very well known.  We have tried to drug him to get him to go away and sometimes he does leave {only for an hour or two}.  He tends to make my children very grouchy.  He also causes my children pain and discomfort.  I hate seeing my precious babies uncomfortable.  Mr. Cold/Flu/Influenza/Viral/Crud or whoever he thinks he is is no longer welcome here.  And that is in order so leave now....pretty please!!!!

Needless to say I have been playing Nurse to my kids this week.  We have been through five boxes of kleenex.  I lost count on the bottles of fever reducer and cough syrup.  My digital thermometer has been in overdrive because the kids want there temperature taken every 22 minutes to see if they got rid of the unwanted guest.

They are miserable and I try to cheer them up however I can.  I bought them blue gatorade {because that is their favorite} and ramen noodles {my kids think they are some sort of luxury}.  I also left a note in their bathroom the other day that said "Mom ♥'s U" hoping to brighten their "sick" days.

When I went to my bathroom I found this.

And my heart melted and I gave them {{{hugs}}} and kisses!!!!  It made my day!!!

The Farmer's Wife

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man Food.....2 Ways

During our stay at Aunt Sasa's and Uncle LR's house the kids all wanted macaroni and cheese for lunch on Saturday.  I couldn't disappoint the kids and made them mac and cheese {like I was going to argue because mac and cheese is about as simple as one could get}.  My niece Rachel helped make it.  I figured the guys would want some sort of meat {it isn't classified a "meal" without beef in my husband's eyes} to go with it so I made some sloppy joes.

Mike, LR, and Hayden were a little late for lunch because Uncle LR had made arrangements for Hayden to tour the local John Deere Implement {I wish I could give you a visual of my green loving son's reaction to this, but you just have to see it}.  When they got home I heated up the leftover lunch for them.

Man Food #1.  A slice of split top white bread, layered with delicious sloppy joes and creamy mac and cheese topped with none other than KETCHUP!!!!  And salt and pepper.

Mike's version

Man Food #2.  A slice of split top white bread, layered with delicious sloppy joes and creamy mac and cheese topped with salsa for an extra kick!!!  And salt and pepper.

LR's version
Next time.....Ranch dressing?!?!?!?

The Farmer's Wife

P.S.  LR said Hayden had the door open on the pick-up and was getting out before he was even stopped when they pulled up to John Deere.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bubble Loaf AKA Monkey Bread

My husband calls it bubble loaf and I call it monkey bread.  Whatever you call is yummy and everyone probably makes this already.

We went to my SIL Lisa's and BIL LR's house this weekend....just to get away before the chaos of spring gets here.  I woke up at 4:30AM on Saturday and couldn't go back to sleep....urgh!!!  Since I needed to pass a little time while everyone was sleeping I decided to cook.  I opened up all the cupboards and the fridge and the freezer at least twice before deciding on monkey bread.  It is extremely easy to make and rather quick to  "whoop" up!!!

You will need:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2 tubes of biscuits
1 stick of butter
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of packed brown sugar
½ cup pancake syrup
1 tbsp cinnamon

Add the sugar and cinnamon to a gallon sized ziploc bag and shake shake shake....shake your baggie!

Use your kitchen scissors and cut the biscuits up into about 6 pieces....kinda like a teeny tiny little pie and add them to the ziploc bag.

Then shake shake shake....shake your baggie {are you singing?} until the biscuits are nicely coated with the cinnamon and sugar mixture.

Then be sure to cut the Box Tops off the tubes of biscuits {if I did not do this Lisa would have been dumpster diving through her trash can to cut them off}.  It is for a good cause!!!!

Then add the biscuits to a 9x13 coated with cooking spray.

Melt the stick of butter over medium to high heat.

Add the brown sugar to the butter and stir.

Add the syrup to the butter and brown sugar mixture and stir.  Bring to boil for about a minute.  Remove from heat.

Pour mixture over the biscuits and bake for 20 minutes or until done.

When the monkey bread is done flip it over on top of a piece of foil curling up the edges to catch the goo {or just using a cookie sheet with edges}.

By this time everyone was awake {except for my niece Rachel...she is not a morning person} because they could smell it baking.


The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faux Metal Hooks

Because I am cheap frugal and because I wanted something not permanent I made some faux metal hooks for my bathroom.  I love 3M sticky hooks.  I use them all the time and the best part is they require no tools to hang.  I try to have a couple screwdrivers laying around here, but Mike someone always latches onto them and I can't find one when I need it.  I think I need my own cordless screwdriver.......ohhh.....and a sawsall.  I fell in love with the sawsall when we remodeled our house.  It was pure and the sawsall!!!  Sigh!!  Ok, enough about my love for tools.

3M makes really neat metal "looking" hooks and that is what I intended to get when I went to Target {I ♥ ♥ ♥ Tarjay}.  The metal "looking" hooks they had were beautiful and almost eight bucks a piece.  I needed 4 of them.  I am not great at math, but figured that would be about $28 or would be $32....yeah $32.  I told you I wasn't good at math.  Anyhow, since I didn't want to spend thirty-two bucks {I am trying to cut cost wherever I can to pay for gas...ughh} I decided to go with these.

These came with 2 in a pack for less than $4.  They are also designed {or the sticky stuff anyhow} for the bathroom and high moisture areas.

Then I went to the hardware store and picked up a can of spray paint that looks like metal for $7.

Then I spray painted them and let them dry.

I think they look pretty good.

Now I have 4 hooks for the kids where they can reach them in the bathroom.  My goal with these hooks {that ONLY cost me around $15 BTW} is to cut down on my full time job of laundry!!!!!!!  Wish me luck!

The Farmer's Wife

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ohhhh Nuts!!!

Just another day on the farm....

We had to work my BIL LR's calves last weekend.  Of course when work needs to be done on the farm like this it turns into a social event with our closest friends {and anyone willing to come on out next time}.  Mike and Jordan saddled up their horses {LR straddled his mechanical hoss}.  Our good friends Troy and Sher'rie picked the medicine up in town for us and came out to help.  They went out and rounded up the cattle.  Then they got all the mama cows and their calves into the wheel corral where they sorted the calves off.  This is about the time I showed because I had other engagements in town so I was late.

Meet Buck....HE is tuff enough to wear PINK!!!!  He wasn't camera shy at all and really "worked" it!!!

Jordan, Hayden, Alivia, and Brenna are supervising Mike to make sure he does it right!!!!  You can never have enough "bosses"!!!!

No LR is not going #2, he was sitting on the wheel corral and he did not realize the only thing holding him up was 2 cornstalks....and those sorting sticks.  Everyone needs a good laugh....and that we did!!!!  Then we headed to Troy's farm because he has a much nicer facility to work calves at.  It has a hydraulic  chute and shelter from the wind.  

Hayden.....well....he is just so darn ornery cute I had to include this picture.  Do you like his hat?  Jordan bought it for him a couple years ago!!  I can't believe we have kept track of it for that long.  It will probably be an heirloom someday....if we can continue to keep track of it.

This is Jordan {well the back of her}, she's 12, and she worked her rear end off that day!!

Mike and LR are getting the calves into the alley way.

Of course Mike and LR couldn't get that done on their own.....SOOOOOO Sher'rie and Jordan had to help!  It takes woman to do soooo many things!!!!!!!

LR is loaded with Ivomec.

The little calves are in the alley way.  This is one time you really don't want to be first in line...or second....or third....or fourth....or...ok I will stop.

Sher'rie is running the hydraulic chute.  Sher'rie ROCKS!!!

You can see Hayden here.  He is behind Brenna {pink coat}.  His head is stuck in the gate!!  It is almost like a human chute.  I was a HERO when I got his head out {at least in Hayden's eyes, I am sure the girls were not bothered by him being stuck}.

Mike is trying to convince another calf to go into the chute.  It's a boy and I am sure he doesn't want to go.  

But he did!!!!!!!!!

Our other good friend Mikey came to help out too.  He is putting an implant in the calf's ear.

Jordan is getting a calf turned around in the alley way.  For some reason they didn't want to go the right way...hhhmmm!!

Sher'rie helps too.  She is a multi-tasker like that.

Then she heads back to the chute to help out.  She is holding the calf's tail so Mike can cut this bull calf.  The next few photos involve've been warned.  Oh, and poop!

Mike is cutting the bull calf to make him a steer.

He is cut and his boys are hanging out!!!!

Then Mike pulls them out and throws them on the ground....sometimes.

I guess I could use the term "hanging by the nuts" here.

Then we had a calf go down in the alley way so LR got in there and go it up, but this happened.

POOP!!!  Tee Hee!!!!!

Then Mike need to take a break for a dip of Skoal.  Hayden was quite concerned with his hands being in the state they are, but it doesn't bother Mike.

We are about done.  The kids were getting cold and hungry.  Kids are always hungry except when it comes to meal time....then they are not.

And Becca was tired.  Isn't she a doll!!!

Troy was spinning out on...well a nut.

The calves were worked and it was time to take them back to their mamas.

The mama cows were happy to have their babies back.

Then we had to load up the horses and head home.  It was a great day!!!

We will do this again in a month or so, but we won't use the chute.  We call it a Brandin' so stay tuned.  I always take 200 gazillion bazillion pictures at the Brandin'.  I cook tons of food to feed the crew so I am sure I will take pictures of it {I am a picture freakoid} and post the recipes for you all to enjoy!

The Farmer's Wife