Sunday, May 1, 2011


Last weekend we managed to cram sixty hours of work, activities, and Easter celebrations into a 48 hour time period.  It was exhausting, but we enjoyed every minute of it {except when my team lost at a game of pitch}.

One of the weekend happenings was helping our friends with their branding.  At a brandin {I prefer to not put the {G} at the end of the word because...... that is how I like it!} the baby calves get "worked".  And you get to eat sour cream and onion potato chips while sitting in a feed bunk {kind of funny if you think about it}.

The gang is ready to start working.

First the cows and calves are gathered up.  Then the baby calves are sorted off from their mamas.  The mama cows get irritated when they are separated from their babies.  And the baby calves bawl because they want their MOMMY!!!!

Once a calf is roped it gets vaccinated and branded while a couple people hold it down.  If you are the one on the rear end of the calf it is a good idea to put your foot over the butt so you don't get pooped on. I could go into great detail about why I know this, but just take my word {it involves calf scours}.

Here is Sher'rie my multi-tasking friend....remember I talked about her here.  She was in charge of cutting the bull calves.


Then the kids decided to have a huddle.

Only to find out that Hayden needed to pee.

The work continues........

Then my oldest daughter was taught how to cut the bull calves.

And she loved it so continued to cut as many as they would let her.

Here are the hard working gals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Mav was hoping one of them would miss the bucket that they were throwing the nuts in.  Mav loves Rocky Mountain Oysters!!!!!!

When the work was done my husband smarted off to Sher'rie and so she took after him and she WON!!!!!

Good times good times!!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


  1. Lisa and I decided you were the weak link on Sat. night as her, Ang, and I were the big winners on Sunday! Haha!

  2. Kinda bummed I missed it! I would love to witness a real live "calf working" session sometime. I've read several of Ree's blogs (and now yours!) on this subject, and I think it might be neat to see it in person some time. Not so sure I'd be as brave as your daughter when it comes to the bulls.


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