Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm a Mother of a T~E~E~N~A~G~E Daughter today!!!!!!!!!

So my oldest child is 13 today!!!!!!!!  We officially have a teenager daughter in our house......WAAAHHHH...she is growing up too fast........WAAAHHHHHH!!!!  Where is my baby girl!!!!!

Well, my baby girl is turning into a young woman.  She takes forever to get ready {half hour showers take up most of the time}, wants to wear make-up,   fashion is a priority {and picking out clothes also takes a lot of time}, she over does it on perfume {remember ladies when you were young and 1 squirt wasn't enough}, and has a little attitude once in awhile {she is really a good kid 99.9% of the time}.  I see her more grown up everyday and she is becoming quite an individual.  Oh, did I mention boys?!?!  Yeah, they seem to be a priority lately.

She is a country girl to the core.  She is most often found outside, on her horse, in a pair of tattered wranglers and cowboy boots.  If she has a chance to take a 10 hour trip in a purple Peterbilt  to pick up some farm machinery she is all over it {she has nicknamed the purple Peterbilt the Double P}.  She doesn't miss a chance to go to the farm and she wants to learn how to run the swather this summer so she can help out Dad {and this would get her out of cleaning house or babysitting her siblings}.  When she cranks up her ipod playlist you will hear mostly classic country.....Kenny Rogers {her favorite}, George Jones, Dan Seals, Crystal Gayle, Conway Twitty, and the King of Country George Strait!!!

For her birthday she asked for roping reins and new pair of WORK boots!!!  She is such a low maintenance kid and I am thankful for that!!!  She goes with the flow and does what she is told {most of the time}.  She is a tremendous helper and has a fantastic sense of humor.  I love her!!!!!!!!

So with all that being said I couldn't resist sharing this video.

Now I think that sums it up!!!

Happy Birthday to our teenager!!!!!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


  1. Congrats! I am the mother of 3 teenage girls and they are wonderful. It does get more complicated but the new relationship that develops between mother and an older daughter is so wonderful. Just wrap them in bubble wrap and it will be all good.

  2. Awwww . . . Jordan sounds like a real sweetie! Happy Birthday to her!

    Btw ~ I saw her picture in the Beaver City newspaper ~ you guys look so much alike!


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