Monday, January 31, 2011

When You Live In The Sticks....

First of all I love living in the "sticks".  I love that I can look out my windows and see nothing but nature!  I love that I have a different sunrise to admire every morning.  I love that my kids can have tons room to run and play.  I love that they love that too BTW!  I love that when we are sitting down as a family at our dining room table eating supper that we don't have to wave to our neighbors while they are doing the same thing.   I love that I never have to find a place to park because one is always available {although you may find yourself stepping in a steaming cow pie when you step out of your vehicle....I am okay with will wash}.  I love that I have a perfect backdrop for my photography habit when I walk out my door.  I love looking out my window and seeing a flock of turkeys gallivant through my yard.  I hate when I grab my camera and try to sneak up on them and they take off however.  I love that my kids find it fun to scoop poop out of our old hog shed {they have some plans for the old shed because it has a cement floor and they are determined to "get to the bottom of it"}.  I love that my kids are not afraid to get dirty.  I love that I have a panoramic view of the seasons as they change.  What's not to love? {okay, maybe the roads when they are really muddy}   I love the country!

Not only do I live in the "sticks", I also live in a rural community.  When I go to town, it is a small town {population 700ish people}.  I love the small community because it is like an extended family.  It is like stepping back in time...think back when stores closed at 5pm and were closed on Sundays...that is how it still is in my town.  We do not have pay at the pump at our gas station and we do not have online banking {I am all for both of those happening...some our little town}.  I am very thankful we have the basics in our small town to meet our needs.  I really love our little grocery store.  I would rather shop there than anywhere.  They have great prices, and if there is something you want that they don't carry they will try to get it in for you.   Since it is a small store sometimes they do not have everything I want or need so I learn to plan ahead or go without.....or "farmer rig" something to get by {like using a paper towel as a coffee filter}.

I was telling my friend about my need for some fresh cilantro {which our store does not always carry} and she gave me this handy little tip:
 I bought some cilantro when I went to a "big" town and came home and washed it.

Then I chopped it up really fine.  I love the smell of cilantro so this is a very enjoyable task for me :-).

Then I divided it up into several baggies and added a little bit of water.  Put them in your freezer and then you will have some on hand the next time you need it.  My friend suggested using an ice cube tray, but I am way up town and have an ice maker so I had to come up with plan B and I think it will suit me fine!

So now I will love living in the "sticks" even more because I have fresh cilantro on hand!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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