Monday, April 25, 2011


The other night we had a bonfire with the pile of weeds I talked about here.  We had a few of our good friends over to watch things burn up.  Okay, so having a fire is an excuse to have friends over.....well because we are social people and wanted to roast wieners and make s'mores {except Sher'rie someone ate most of the marshmallows right out of the bag}.

It was a perfect night for a bonfire because we actually had a break from the wind {which was long overdue and much appreciated} and had a recent rain.  

The kids always have fun.

And climb trees.

And ride Molly the dog {who is more worried that someone might drop a hot "dog" and she would miss it}.

I did manage to snag a marshmallow.  It took some "sweet talking"!!!

I like them a little burnt.  Crunchy on the outside and melted gooey-ness on the inside!!!

Perfect!!!!  Check out that bokeh {it is a photography term}!!!  Oh and my old looking hands.  If you had to guess my age by my hands you would think I was 76 years old.  I could never be a hand model....sigh!!!

So that was our perfect night with friends and fire!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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