Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!

My wonderful hubby gave me a gift card to one of my favorite stores{thanks to my sister in law for the store suggestion} for Valentine's day.  He also gave me a humorous card that was so fitting for us!  I gave him a bag of heart shaped Reese peanut butter cups {wink ;) wink}.  I have ate half of them myself.  Okay, so that might have been a selfish gift.

We never celebrate Valentine's day in a big go to McDonalds or anything like that.  Our lives, like so many are always hectic and we don't make a big deal of it.  For me, I would rather have an ordinary day be our "Valentine's" day.  I am sure a lot of people are out for supper tonight waiting for their name to be called so they can be seated at a table.  The restaurants are probably so busy that the service won't be what it could be on an ordinary day.  I would be starving and probably have to go somewhere that serves peanuts in buckets to keep me rational in my hungry state.  Plus, I find great satisfaction knowing I don't have to be the one to clean up all those peanut shells.  Instead, I am home helping my girls with their spelling words and listening to them fight all while making Cream Cheese Chicken and Rice and waiting for my Valentine to get home {and watching The Bachelor}!

I love my hubby!  He is my best friend.  I love that he is a hard worker.  I love that he loves dirt, big green tractors, and furry four legged critters!

I love that he loves our four 2 legged "critters" more than life itself!  And I can't believe he puts up with me, but I love that he does!  I love you Babe!!!

The Farmer's Wife

P.S.  I also love my hubby because he can open jars that I can't...even after I beat the lid with a butter knife!  
P.S.S.  I also love that he can change light bulbs for me because I am vertically challenged.
P.S.S.S.  I also love him because he can reach the top shelf in our cupboards and get my "not used often" items down for me.  
P.S.S.S.S.  I just love everything about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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