Monday, February 28, 2011

Schoolin' Country Kids....on the birds and the bees...

Mike took the kids to go check cows the other day.  Let me just say when you have 54 minutes and 12 seconds at home alone it is like a little piece of heaven.  I love my kids, but I love a little quiet time too.  I was doing dishes {what a way to spend "me time"} and noticed the pick-up coming down the road a little faster than normal.  Mike came in the house to grab his coveralls and head back to the farm to go pull a calf.  Of course, I had to tag along.  Plus, Jordan already told her dad that I would want to come take pictures so I couldn't disappoint the girl!!!!

#503 is trying to have her calf, but it is coming backwards.  We tried to get her caught, but she took us on a little adventure.

Aww, a new baby, but it is not #503's baby.  I just snapped this while chasing #503 down on the creek.

Okay, after a mile adventure we got her to our feedlot.  I say "we" like I was great help.  Someone has to supervise these adventures!!!!

She is caught!

She is sporting a beautiful lasso necklace and "shouldn't" go anywhere now.  Jordan has the pullers ready....just in case we need them.

You can tell the calf is coming backwards because the hooves are up.  Mike has got the chains on and is pulling with all his might!  Go Mike!!!  However, nothing is budging!

She wasn't having it so she stood back up.  She was being a little defensive {I don't know why!!}.

After dodging a few kicks from her Mike tries to get the pullers on.

So birthing is exhausting and she lays back down.  Look at her look at me......I could feel her pain!

Mike and Dustin got the pullers on her.

Checking...........yep........still backwards!  This is where I told #503 to take a cleansing breath and started to count...1..2..3..4..5..6............  Mike was even asking her to push!

Here he or she comes.

Still coming.......

Congrats #503, you have a LIVE baby calf!!!

We moved the calf off the snow onto a "dry" spot.  We didn't let #503 keep the necklace on so she could venture over to her newborn baby, lick up all the after birth, and eat the placenta!!!!

And that is how country kids are schooled on the birds and the bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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  1. Wow! You schooled me on the birds and the bees, too. Lol! Funny thing is . . . on Tuesday, my husband I went for a walk towards our neighbor's house ~ he's a cattle (and crop) farmer, too. His name is Jeff. Jeff knows we've been interested in calving and said if we were in the area sometime when it was about to happen he'd take us along to watch. Well we were in the area about two minutes too late, the calf had already dropped. It was pretty neat to watch the heifer take care of her baby though. Thanks to you and your pics it was just about the same as witnessing it in person. It is pretty amazing. Jeff says he has about 150 more calves expected, so maybe there's still a chance for me to see it all happen in person.


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