Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Know You Are A Farmer's Wife When......

While cleaning house last night I came up with a top 10 plus 1 {that is 11....I'm so good at math...lol} list {someday to be a top 20 or 30 as I can continually come up with new thoughts to add} about being a farm wife.  Anyone who is in agriculture or has ever been around it will be able to relate!!!

So here goes.......

You know you are a farmer's wife when.......

* sign language takes on a whole new meaning.

* you can make the meal you prepared for 2 men stretch to feed 4 hungry men when your husband gives you 15 minutes warning that some extra help showed up.

* your bathtub is not only for children, but newborn baby calves.

* 5am is not considered the middle of the night, but time to get up.

* the guy at the parts counter knows you by your first name and not Mrs._____.

* you know the difference between a pickup and a truck.

* the most used app on your ipod is the weather radar.

* you can't sleep because it rained and you want to be the first to report your total rainfall on Facebook.

* you know exactly where to go by following directions like....go up yonder here and turn by the old Smith place and go north about a mile or so till you go past the old wood windmill and then you'll see a fence line with old boots on it........

* you can't go out for your birthday because it is time to drill wheat or go out for your anniversary because you are planting corn or take a summer vacation because you are putting up hay.

* supper time is anywhere from 6pm to midnight.



  1. Hello Farmers Wife, not sure how I came upon your blog, but I love it! From your stories, crafts, and recipes. Although I am not a farmer's wife, I am a farmer's daughter and your list totally hit home for me! Keep up the great post :)

  2. I am definately not a farmers wife but, I would like to have a calf for a day.

  3. Love this post and the pictures! Thanks for being such a hard-working farming family!

  4. I'm a mid western farmers granddaughter and these brought back great summer memories. I was actually raised out side of Washington DC & spent a few memorable summers in SW Mo.

  5. Love this site, I am a working farm wife, I work as an RN at a clinic for a Doctor, after I get up at 4 am drink coffee help milk 80 cows feed all calves, then I come home to start over helping to finish milking cows feed calves and start supper. We fall into bed at 9ish and sleep soundly til next day, this is our life 7 days a week, 12 months a year. we get really tired but it's in our BLOOD. Oh Well, Wishing city people understood how hard we work to produce great quality milk they drink.

    1. You go girl!!!! One of the many reasons I fell in love with my husband was seeing how committed he was to get up at the crack of dawn EVERYDAY and feed cows. I give you a big shout out!!! There are times when my hubs is farming in Hastings so that leaves me on chore duty before I head out the door to work. I do understand the dairy business. My hubs actually worked at a dairy and AI'd heifers. They milked 3 times a day. LOTS OF WORK!!! We also have friends with a dairy in WI. I would love to go visit them someday.

      Thank you so much for reading!!!

    2. You nailed that one anonymous...I grew up in town and marrried into farm life...wow 30 years ago already...uffda time flies...I know how little I knew then and it was still more than most know today..We have cut back on the feeder cattle but only a little..I have even begun to look forward to haying. that scares me..

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