Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wheat Harvest

We finished up with wheat harvest last weekend and I am a little slow getting around to sharing it with you because the fire decided to happen and that took priority.... unfortunately .  When wheat harvest rolls around it is always extremely hot......it is miserable {I prefer corn harvest because of the cooler weather}.  It is the kind of hot that makes my back fat sweat in profuse quantities.  You stink like no other, but that is okay because everyone else out in the fields does too.

We call this dumpin' on the go......not to be confused with bathroom duties.  The tractor and grain cart drive along side the combine as the auger is unloading so progress of cutting the wheat does not stop.

See all the dust???......I am pretty sure 90% of it made its way to me and stuck to the sweat that was dripping off me.

One happy little farm boy!!!!!!


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  1. Oh how I miss harvest time on the Palouse!! My hunny/farmer is missing it even more. The city is not quite the same...at all.
    Happy Harvest! ~Megan


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