Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Office

When you think about having the office of your dreams what does it look like.  Is it a corner office with large windows that you can see the entire city???  Is it filled with fine imported furniture and artwork tastefully displayed????  Something kind of like this.

Or do you have a nice home office in mind.  Maybe something along these lines.

Or the latest cloffice.  I wish I had a closet I could do this with.

I would like you to step in to my hub's office.  It is surrounded by windows with an ever changing view and is equipped with an air ride "office chair", climate control, and the latest technology.  Here is the view from his office when he is baling hay.  These pictures are not the best.....I took them on my phone.

My hubs hard at work!

The baler monitor.  This is used to tell you where to drive and when the bale is full and ready to eject after it is net wrapped.

The sprayer controls.  This scares is a lot of stuff to look at and control.  The top controls are used to to extend, raise, and lower the booms.  The bottom monitor is used to meter the liquid chemicals that come out of the sprayer.  It will tell you a plethora of information such as how fast you are going, how many gallons you have used, how many acres you have sprayed, etc.  Like I said.....A LOT of stuff to constantly watch.

This is used to automatically control the height of the boom and keep them at the same level.

The GPS.  This will tell you within ONE inch of where to drive....pretty amazing!!!!  Plus a whole lot of other amazing features.

The tractor "dashboard".  See the toggle switch on the upper left?  That is my favorite switch!!!  It is called the A/C!!!!!!!!!!

So when I go by to see my hubs at the office, he opens the door on his John Deere tractor and invites me in {he loves when I go with him..........and bring him lunch}.  This is his dream office!!!!!!!!

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  1. Haha! Love this post! My husband gave up his cubicle 3 years ago and has no regrets.

  2. This is where the farmer and I have many date nights...consist of him serenading me in "F**Kin GPS, ah gosh darn it..." and so on.


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