Monday, July 18, 2011

Paul Harvey Said It Best......

I don't know about all of you, but I enjoyed listening to Paul Harvey.  His voice, yes his voice was so distinct and he talked with such clarity.  Sometimes I found myself admiring the baritone voice that I wouldn't  pay attention to what he was saying.  I don't think any person in radio will ever be able to make such an impact on the air as Paul Harvey.

I remember my grandpa ordering some product {I believe it was to help with your vision} that he had endorsed.  My grandpa was also giving it great reviews {well, because Paul Harvey said it was great so it must of been}.  My grandpa also sent us something to flush down our toilets when we had some septic tank issues {sorry, but "it" happens}.  He had called and told me he was mailing it to me and that Paul Harvey was talking about the great benefits of this certain product.  Don't ask me what it was because I can't remember.

My husband and his dad would talk about Paul Harvey's programming often.  Paul Harvey had a way of saying things that just made sense.

My father in law's sister recently shared this link with us.  I am not certain, but I think my father in law had mentioned he liked Paul Harvey talking about why God made farmers.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

And that is the rest of my story!!!



  1. I loved listening to Paul Harvey..and you are so right about his voice. He was such a smart man too. I would believe anything that man had to say. I miss listening to him and his stories he had to tell. Most of them left you with your chin dropped!
    I enjoyed the video...I'm not a farmer or farmers wife..but I'd love to be. But, instead...I married a city boy.

  2. I loved Paul Harvey too! I remember listening to him when I was in third grade as my mom drove us kids to school and then listening to him again as I was driving my oldest (now 11) to preschool each day.
    I miss him...:)


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