Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Bunch of BULL

Hayden has been talking NON stop about going to see HIS bull for two days.  He also wants to ride it!!!  I was informed by him that he will not get bucked off because he will hang on to the horns and the bull won't be able to buck him off.  The bull does not have horns so I am not sure how this will go down.  Hayden also told me that the bull will lay down so he can get off.  I am not sure when Hayden has been "training" the bull, but he is adamant that he can get the bull to lay down and that he is going to ride it.

I told Hayden that he had to take a nap and then we would go see "his" bull.  He was ready for his nap 2 hours earlier than normal!!!!!!!!!  As soon as he woke up from his nap he was getting ready to go.  When you go see your bull you need to wear the following....a hat, pair of boots, and your chaps.  Within 2 minutes and 37 seconds he was ready to we went.

When we got to the farm all the cows were out {it is also standard that the cows are out every Sunday morning so you are late for church} and Mike was getting the 4-wheeler {also pronounced 4-lee-low at our house} to go gather them up.  Mike headed out in the wheat field and got them gathered up and headed back to where they were suppose to be.  They were good cows today and went right back to the other field.  Somedays cows are naughty and like to go in every direction, but not today!!

Hayden is happy on the 4-leelow
Hayden had to get a ride on the 4-wheeler with his dad.  He also had to help dad fix the fence.

Putting the electric fence back up
Hayden never got the chance to ride his bull today, but he was totally happy being his dad's shadow.  

Mike said he had to get back to doing some dirt work so Hayden I decided to tag along with him.  Men love really big machines that move a ton of dirt for some reason.  It is probably similar to women loving shoes.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day so I didn't mind standing around watching my hubby play in the dirt.

Pushing the dirt into a HUGE hole in the ground.{and I thought I took pictures of EVERYTHING, but no picture of the hole}.  I was to busy admiring the beautiful blue sky and watching my step.

Then I would watch the dozer.

Then I would watch my step again.

Hmmmm...rascally rabbits!!!

I really had to watch out for this one......

Then he was finished for the time being and it was time to go.

But I had to watch out for this because I did not take Hayden's advice and wear my boots.

Have a good day!!!  And watch your step!!!!

The Farmer's Wife


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