Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things Got A Little Hot

It has been so hot the last several days.  We have had 100 plus degree temperatures with awful humidity.  It is miserable.  I can't have a good hair day because my hair is naturally curly and it just turns to frizz in this humidity.  If you have natural curl you hate it and if you don't have it you want it.

Wheat harvest is winding down and I took lunch to the field and picked up a couple extra kids who were hot and wanted to come hang out with me in the a/c.  We were home for awhile and then the kiddos wanted to go to pool so I rounded up some swimsuits for everyone.  Once everyone got their suits and boots on {yes, boots....when you are a country kid boots go with any attire} we headed to town.

After the kids had their fun at the pool we headed back home and I happen to check the outside temperature on my vehicle which read 106!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My goodness!!!!!!!!!!!  It feels as hot as it did 8 years ago when I was 9 months pregnant and the temperature was 113 degrees for several days in a row.  Ughh!!!!  I also noticed some very black smoke in the sky in the direction of one of our hay fields.  When we popped over the last hill I could see flames from a mile away.  I instantly went into prayer mode for every ones safety.  My heart dropped and my eyes did not lose focus of that fiery blaze.  When I was close enough to see that everyone was safe my heart got back into a semi normal beat.

I parked my vehicle a safe distance away from the fire and went to talk to our hired hand.  He had called the fire department and my hubs.  I watched the swather burn for awhile and then ran home to grab my camera {which I had just taken back in the house from taking some wheat harvest pictures}.  When I got back to the field the fire department was there fighting the fire.

We are not sure what started the fire.  Our hired hand had been swathing hay, but had stopped so he could load a hay truck.   When he finished loading the truck he hopped back in the swather and tried to start it, but it didn't start.  It made a loud popping noise so he got out to see what was wrong and it was instantly on fire.  The truck driver and his wife were still there ready to pull out of the stack yard when it happened......and they all said it happened FAST.  They did have a fire extinguisher they used to try to put it out, but it wasn't enough.

Praise God that everyone was safe!!!!!!

So needless to say our very hot day yesterday got a little "hotter"!!!

Stay cool!!!



  1. Oh my gosh, so glad everyone is safe!! So sorry about the loss of the swather, but at least no one was hurt. Whew.
    Wheat is turning out on the Palouse and I'm dying to go back before harvest to take photos. I miss my wheat fields.

  2. WOW!


    I am so glad everyone is safe. Sorry for your equipment loss. ): I'm learning that the life of a farmer is full of many surprises and challenges!

  3. OMG. That's horrible. Right in the middle of haying. It looks like the fire melted the tire right off. And, the engine....doesn't look hopeful. Not a very good time for these things to be happening especially when we are all struggling with the temperatures and the lack of rain. I hope things will get better for you and yours. I'm saying prayers.


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