Monday, April 11, 2011


I had big plans to get a lot of yard work done because the weather was absolutely gorgeous and one should not be inside on days like these {and I haven't seen a snake yet so I am still willing to go dig around in the weeds}.  I got each of the kids a pair of leather gloves so they could help out {there isn't child labor laws when it comes to your own there?!?!?}.  Jordan and I pulled the gigantic weeds and tossed them in piles.  Alivia and Hayden were suppose to carry the pulled weeds over to the burn pile.  We had a good system going and I was looking forward to accomplishing a lot!!!!

I got a phone call from Mike asking to head to the farm to help move cows.  You can never tell how long these adventures will take.....but I figured my yard work was done for the day!  So we headed to the farm to help out.

When we got there Emma was trying to get this calf to follow all the cows.  He wasn't  up for the adventure and seemed to be a little weak.

Mike and AJ used the 4 wheelers to gather the cows up.  I am not crazy about 4 wheelers....well I should say I am not crazy about watching them go wild on the 4 wheelers.  I can't count the number of times I have seen daylight between the tires and the ground when Mike is riding one.  I feel much more at ease when he rides a horse.

We needed the cows to cross the bridge so the kids and I blocked an area we didn't want the cows to go to.

We did our job because the cows went across the bridge without a hitch.

Except for this cow and her calf.  We call her the Mouse Cow....I don't really care for her.  She isn't the prettiest one of the bunch and she always seems to cause problems {there is one in every herd}.

We decided the weak little calf should come home and be a bottle baby.  Hmmmm....we only have two 4-leelows {remember from an earlier post...that is what Hayden calls them} and a mini-van.  So I did what any farm wife would do {only because I didn't have my new vehicle....and the calf hadn't ate so I was sure he wouldn't "eliminate" anything}.

We loaded up Yogi {that is what Alivia named him....I'm sure we will get the birth certificate in the mail soon} and brought him home.  He is doing well taking his bottle and is quite ornery.

Oh, and Mike helped with yard work the next day and we accomplished a TON!!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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