Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Youngest Daughter

Eight years ago today my hubs and I welcomed our youngest daughter into the world.  I remember all too well being pregnant with her.... I remember the painful blood clots that landed me on bed rest for two months, but mostly I remember how stinkin' hot it was.  I had "cankles" and I was miserable!!!  When we got home from the hospital our house was freezing cold.  My hubs said he tried telling me it was freezing, but I couldn't get cooled off when I was pregnant.  When you are a farmer/rancher wife you often get referred to as a cow during pregnancy.  For example, with every child my hubs offered to get a new set of calf pullers, our house was referred to as the coolin' barn, and I won't got into the details about what a cow does with afterbirth.  You can read here or try google if you are curious.

Anyhow, our third baby and our third daughter was such a blessing.  She and her older sister are 20 months apart.  My middle daughter was quite a handful so when baby #3 came along and was completely calm and laid back it made things easIER!!!  She is such a sweet girl and we laughed at the funny faces she would make up until 2 years ago when I took her to the eye doctor and discovered the reason why she made those funny faces all the time.  She is very affectionate and once she gets to know will not escape her with out receiving a "huggie" or two or three or four!!!!

So Happy 8th Birthday Sweetie!!!!!!

Here she is ALL SMILES showing her bucket calf Yogi yesterday at our fair.


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  1. That is too funny! I'm glad my husband never had the opportunity to compare me to a cow when I was pregnant. Podunkville humor def has its own spin! Not sure I'm up to the cow/afterbirth info. right now, but I will read it some day!

    Did I tell you about my bull fertility testing experience?! I am definitely being educated in many areas!


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