Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farm Tour Update

Several weeks ago I gave you a tour of some of our crops.  I thought I would give you an update of how the crops are progressing.  I love watching the corn grow.  I swear there are days when it grows a foot taller!!!.....and then there are days when I feel like I have grown a foot wider....ughhh!!!!!

Here is one of the corn fields I showed you back in May.

And here it is a few days ago.  PURDY huh!!

And then there was this wheat field.  Do you see that black spot in the middle of the wheat field....look close.....it is a bird.  Just wanted to share that tidbit with you.

And here it is now.....bird free!!!

The wheat is ready to be harvested now....like as in today!!!!.....or yesterday....but it rained.....which I am thankful for!!!!

And we can't forget about the hay.

And here it had just been swathed and baled.....and the bales were already moved off the field!!!!

So that is how things are looking and growing around here on the farm!!!



  1. So jealous. I want a farm of my own. Great pics!

  2. Beautiful! My hunny grew up on a farm just south of Spokane, WA and we love the Palouse region with the rolling wheat fields, barley and lentils dotting the land scape. It's my heaven. The wheat just reminds me of it everytime. Love it!! And so glad you're my 100th follower, talk about a milestone!! All the best cant wait to read more as one of your followers as well. ~Megan
    Wanna Be A Countr yCleaver


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