Thursday, July 28, 2011

iphone or Droid??????

My current cell phone contract will be up soon {♪♪♪hallelujah♪♪♪} and I plan to switch carriers.  I am currently a Blackberry user {my dad calls it a} and it is okay.  I have the Curve so I have a smaller screen and the roller ball can get on my nerves in a hurry when it doesn't work.  I love the message indicator light and the keyboard.  I am not fond of the applications, but hey I am just a farm girl and the only one I use on a regular basis is the weather app.

I want a phone with a larger screen and I am not opposed to a touch keyboard....I think.  I have an ipod touch and love everything about it.  I have heard mixed reviews on the iphone such as the phone not having a battery.  Also there is no message indicator light on the iphone 4.  I will hold out for the iphone 5 as I have heard it will have the light.  Why am I so addicted to a blinking light?!?  I have heard issues with it locking up and since there is no battery it tends to be a problem.  My BB locks up ALL the time and I remove the battery for a minute and then it USUALLY works again.  What do you do when this happens to an iphone?

As far as the Droid goes I am not familiar with them at all, but people keep telling me they are the best.  So what is so great about the Droid?  What are your favorite features?  Have you been a previous iphone user, but switched to a Droid?  If so, why??  I know they make a droid with the keyboard similar to the Blackberry, but that is about all I know.

Please give your input, suggestions, likes or dislikes of my possible future phone!!!!  Please and THANK YOU!!!!!



  1. Jodi, I love your blog!! (I think I've told you that many times haha) I have the iPhone. I went from a Droid to an iPhone and I love my iPhone. My favorite feature is the iPod on the iPhone! And the apps, are amazing! I do miss the blinking light, but I've gotten over it haha! The only other thing I miss was the Droid had a talk to text feature which was kinda cool when you couldn't type. Goodluck with your decision. PS: When the iPhone locks up (mine has only done it twice in 6 months) you just hold down the on/off button and the home button to reset. It's even better than removing the battery I think!


  2. Thanks I just have to hold out for the iphone 5......whenever that will be!!!!


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