Friday, July 8, 2011

Nebraska Soybean Board

Awhile back I was contacted by the a lady from the Nebraska Soybean Board's communication agency who had stumbled across my blog and it caught her eye.  She asked if I would be interested in contributing to the Nebraska Soybean Board blog about our life on the farm.  Of course I jumped on the opportunity to do so.

I am sure most readers of the Nebraska Soybean Board Blog are involved in agriculture.  However, I hope this leads some of you to check out their website and explore the many benefits of soybeans such as Biobased products or Soyfoods.

While you are there you can check out my post on "Field Meals" and find the recipe for my Steak Sandwich!!!

Do you know that soybeans are packed with protein???  Soybeans can produce AT LEAST twice as much protein to the acre than any other major vegetable or grain crop!!!!!



  1. Congrats on being asked to write that article! I've always wondered what it was like for you farmers' wives types when it comes to harvest time. Found myself wanting more info and some pictures! Guess I'm spoiled by all the pictures you usually share!

  2. This is so amazing. I am just in awe. I just ate and now I am hungry again.


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