Monday, August 1, 2011

Cheap Organizer

I hate when things are messy, cluttered, dusty {this is impossible to avoid when you live in the country}, out of order, etc.  Unfortunately, with our crazy busy lives of farming, work, kids activities, and keeping a social life, I can't seem to keep up with housework {don't even get me started on the laundry issue which I have talked about here, here, and here}.  It drives me C~R~A~Z~Y when my house messy....which this summer seems to be all the time......sigh!!!!!!!!!

I am always looking at ways to organize and when it is a CHEAP solution it is even better.  So for about two bucks you can organize your cleaning supplies.  Simply use a tension rod and hang your cleaning supplies by the trigger.  I used mine under my kitchen sink.  This will free up space for those important things like calf bottles, colostrum {it is for the newborn calves}, and milk replacer {baby formula for baby calves that cost just as much or more than baby formula}.

So there you have it.....quick, simple, and cheap organization!!!!!!!


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