Saturday, August 20, 2011

School Supplies

School has started here and usually I am ready, but this year the summer went way too fast.  In the past I have started getting the kids back into the school routine a couple weeks prior to school actually starting.  I guess we will get back into the drill of things soon......or at least I hope we do.

My oldest daughter is in seventh....GULP.....grade this year!!!!!  My middle daughter is in fourth grade and my youngest daughter is in second.  My baby will be starting preschool on Monday.  Excuse me for a second while I grab a tissue............ Waaahhhhhh!!!!  My babies are growing up!!!!!!

The school sent out a list of supplies that each grade would need.  However, the only thing listed for my oldest daughter was a journal!!!  Okay, sounds like seventh grade should be easy!!!  After the first day of school she THEN comes home with a list from each teacher of what supplies she will need.  Now, if you remember we live in the sticks and it is over an hour away to a Wal-Mart.  HELLO!!!  Let me just make that trip "real quick" to get her supplies.  Thankfully, there is a smaller retail store a half hour away and my hubs happened to be going to that town for parts.  He kindly said to text him the list and he would be willing to pick up the supplies!!!

Here is what he got!!!!!

Not the greatest picture because I took it with my phone, but the supplies he got are girly, blingy, pink, and cute!!!  I was impressed!!!!!  He said he looked for the ugliest stuff he could find and he knew she would like it.

Good job Dad!!!!!!!!



  1. Haha! Your husband is too funny. The "ugliest" stuff, huh? I rather like it, but I happen to be a "girl" too! Way to go Dad!

  2. I'm impressed....would have liked to be watching him pick all that stuff out!! ;-)

  3. Haha! I love what he looked for that she would like...too funny! I used to love back to school shopping...good times! Fun blog!

    Liesl :)


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