Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What "Could" Be Next....

Today, this very day, August twenty third two thousand eleven was the FIRST day I have ever done this.  I actually feel a sense of relief by doing this.  What is so HUGE that it would have me feeling this way???  Well, let me tell ya.  Today I took my hub's shirts to be starched at the dry cleaner.  I know HUGE huh!!!!  For fifteen years I have slaved over the iron with my bottle of Stay-Flo starch to get his shirts extra crispy just the way he likes them.  I couldn't quite work up to sending his jeans....baby steps, baby steps...right?

I have been so busy with life that I just don't have time for the nervous breakdown I deserve....hahahah!!!!  I would usually take a few hours and get my ironing done, but time seems to be a precious thing lately and I feel so good knowing I don't have that on my to-do list!!

This has got me pondering what could be next on my "hired" to-do list.  I think a maid would be right there at the top.  Maybe a personal chef....the kind that cooks really delicious healthy food and I would be on a diet, but it wouldn't taste like I was.  I could hire someone to mow the lawn and tend to my garden and flower beds.  The list could go on.

However, when I really think about these things I would like to "hire" done I have realized deep down that I wouldn't want someone else doing it.  Okay, other than the dry cleaner.  I will probably keep that up....just because.  I actually like housework.  It is a great feeling to me when my house is sparkling clean.  I love to cook!!!  I find it therapeutic.  I think the mouths in this household appreciate it too.  And then the mowing, I enjoy that as well.  I love being outdoors and looking at the yard right after it has been mowed.  My flowers have been beautiful this year and I love caring for them and watching them grow.  These things are me and I don't want someone else doing them.....they probably wouldn't do it right anyhow!!!!

I guess the solution would be to have more hours in the day.  Time seems to be the reason I can't keep up.  I rarely have a day that is not full of interruptions.  I am sure most you feel this way.  I get right in the middle of something and then "POOF" something comes up that takes precedence over what I am currently doing.  I need to find balance in my life.....which will just take TIME!!!!



  1. Hahaha!

    Congrats on taking the shirts to the cleaners!

    When my husband had a cubicle job, I ironed all the time, too. Then one day I, too, discovered the dry cleaners could do all that and for me and for cheap! The cleaners was right on the way to my daughters' school so it wasn't even out of the way!

    I always say if I were wealthy I would hire a chauffeur! I don't mind cooking or house cleaning or gardening either. But, I don't really like to drive, never have. Just think of all the things you could get done in the car if someone else drove you everywhere . . . browse through cookbooks and make a meal list, talk on the phone, read current magazines or nap!

    Now whatcha' gonna do with all that time?

  2. Thank you for your kind comment! I am excited to be moving to Nebraska and starting a new chapter of life as a new wife.
    I'll be looking here for "how to's" for wifely duties ;)
    I've always hated ironing and Ryan likes his jeans heavily starched when he goes to events. I've told him when we get married I'll be willing to learn but count on the dry cleaners doing it better and quicker :)
    Baby steps...just like you said.


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