Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preg Checkin'

I was rummaging through some pictures and came across this fun day!!!!  Don't you love how a photograph can trigger a memory.  That is why I carry a camera with me 98.9736655832 percent of the time.  It may only be the camera on my phone, but hey it works.  This particular day we were preg checkin' cows.

The reason {yes, there is a reason} we preg check cows is to find out if a cow is open {not bred} or preggers.  Why do we do this?  Well because it is great fun to stick your arm up a cows rear end and get poop all over yourself.  Actually, preg checkin' is done from a management stand point.  If the cow is not bred and hasn't been bred in the past that is a sign we may want to move her on.  If the cow is not able to produce a calf that becomes a huge factor in our cow/calf operation.  You can consider that a loss.....and we really don't need anymore losses than we already have in the wonderful life of farming.

The great thing about farming/ranching is that the kids always get to tag along.  They are eager little individuals learning the agriculture lifestyle hands on.

We farm wives can do it all...even with a kid on our hip.  This is my friend Sher'rie and her daughter.

#1 in chute getting....well........

Preg check'd!!!  Congratulations #1 you are bred.  Be sure to get plenty of rest and remember to take your prenatal vitamins!!!

The kids get a front row seat to everything on the farm!!!

Okay, so it is my turn to preg check.

I'm shoulder deep in a cow's what???????????

Ohhh, I can feel the calf....I think!!!

A little coaching from my hubs and I can defiantly tell she is bred and on her way to motherhood!!!

And here is my other friend's daughter.  I keep saying you got to start them young.  This was her cow and she got to be the first to know if she was bred or not!!!  Country kids are tough!!!

All smiles living the GOOD LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I'm not sure if I have mentioned that I come from an agricultural background, but I have "Preg' Checked" before. So I just had to say thanks for drudging up that ol' memory for me. :)

  2. Glad I could take you back to the days of preg checkin'!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!!

  3. OK. So I think I could watch you all preg check, but to actually do it, I'm not so sure. Those are some tough farm wives and farm kids! Very impressive!!! I'm a wonderin' how many of those cows you are preg checkin' each season?!?!

    Did I ever tell you about my experience observing a vet check a bull for fertility? Zowie! That was quite the experience!

    By the way, you look beautiful in those pictures. Pink is def your color.

  4. Aww, thank you Nancy!! I do love pink!!!! We preg check all the cows that are "suppose" to be bred. As for how many we do each depends. My hubs helps our friends with their cattle and whoever else needs help. It can vary quite a bit. This particular day I think there were about 80 head that we did.

    Fertility testing a bull....yep, that is interesting isn't it. Were you shocked by what/how they do it?????

  5. Let's just say my jaw dropped and stayed in that position from the very beginning until the end of the whole process. The vet and the owner of the bull got a kick out of my shock and awe. Def an educational experience!

  6. Nancy, if only someone had a camera to take a picture of your face!!! Next time we have a bull tested I will have to take a "newbie" along to capture the moment!!!....LOL!!!!

  7. For sure! Maybe we can reenact it! Lol!

  8. Interesting, is that painful for the cow? Just curious. I've heard of "preg checking" but never actually seen it done. Are you actually feeling the calf or other "female" parts to tell if she is preggers? Thanx for the info!

  9. Jenna, no it doesn't hurt the cow. You can actually feel the baby calf. Thanks for the questions and thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!!!!!!!!!!


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