Thursday, January 20, 2011

The WEEKLY laundry list....

I have come to the conclusion that laundry with a family of 6 is a full time job in itself.  The other day I got all the laundry done {it took me a day and a half of the washer and dryer running nonstop}.  That evening after everyone was in bed I gathered it all up again and sorted it into piles to start the process again.  I was quite amazed to see how much ONE day worth of clothing was.  I had another 4 loads to do!!  So here is my average weekly laundry list:
* 42 pairs of socks
* 28 pairs of jeans
* 14 pairs of "sweater pants" {aka track pants}
* 12 hoodies
* 2 sets of scrubs
* 7 flannel shirts
* 42 shirts
* 7 thermal shirts
* 5 bras
* 42 pair of underwear {say}
* 28 pairs of pjs
* 30ish bath towels {I try to make the kids hang them up and reuse them, but it seems to be the one thing they actually get in the hamper rather than hanging them up}
* 15 kitchen towels & rags
* 42 wash cloths
This is the bare minimum list, but I know it is more because a few of my children think they need to change clothes a couple times a day.  Oh, and the socks should probably be doubled because they find it much easier to grab a new pair if they take them off and then decide to go back outside.

Speaking of laundry I can hear it "beeping" orders at me telling it is time to change it.

The Farmer's Wife

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  1. Oh my !!! That is a TON of laundry ~ maybe literally?!?!? Lol! I am one who loves to do laundry, but I think yours would be overwhelming to me!


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