Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Time Flies...

Four years ago I became a mom to a baby boy!!!  I can't believe how time flies!!!!!!!

Of course I have to reminisce about him coming into the world....because I am a mom and that is what moms do....

I ended up having pre-term labor with him and my doctor didn't want to deliver him early.  I went into labor because I became sick with the "butt flu" {sorry, but that is what I had} and vomiting.  I was admitted to the hospital and hooked up to the monitors and they pumped me full of drugs {which I am pretty sure the side effects were nausea, vomiting, and I needed more of that} .  It was quite fun running to the bathroom every 3 minutes and 28 seconds with my IV pole and fetal heart monitors.  It was horrible!  My contractions were every 3 minutes.   I remember my doctor coming during the middle of the night to check me.  He said to the nurse he thought they should move me to the labor and delivery room.  WHAT!!!  I was not feeling up to delivering a baby {I KNOW, I have done this 3 other times}!!  My nurse, being a mother and knowing what it is like to push a baby out told him NO!!!  Yes, I was having contractions and all that stuff was happening, but it was happening slow and I was sick...really sick.  They continued to pump me full of fluid and drugs and eventually my contractions became less intense and not as often.  I thanked the nurse BTW!!!  After three days in the hospital they sent me home.

Although we did not have a baby that hospital trip, my doctor was sure I would not make it to my due date which was February 10th.  I continued to have contractions for the next month.  I continued to go to my weekly doctor visits.  I continued thinking any minute I will have this baby.  Then it became obvious that I wasn't going to have this baby on my own.  I was induced with all the others...and pitocin is still NOT my friend.  My doctor scheduled me for induction on February 15th because I refused to have a Valentine's baby.  UGH!!!!

On February 13th I received a phone call from my doctor's nurse and they wanted to move my induction to the 16th because he was going to be gone on the 15th.  Well, I just happen to be 9 months pregnant and you don't want to mess with a woman in that state.  I told the nurse I would be heading up to the hospital today and I was going to have this baby....TODAY!!!  She said "ummm oookaayyy"....then I explained that I was still having contractions on a regular basis and there was no way I was going to make it to the 16th.  Then she said "okay".  We headed up to the hospital and Hayden Michael was born!

Happy Birthday Hayden!!!
He is such a cutie....and I am not biased at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a blessing he has been for us!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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