Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Handy Tip

My Son was given a bright blue Bug Juice {those sugary drinks that make them look like a smurf around the mouth and after 3 days of scrubbing their skin is still stained blue}.  He didn't drink it all and decided to set it down on the floor/carpet with the lid open.  He then took his hoodie off and threw it on the floor {he wants to be just like dad....so why hang it on the hook!?!} and it landed on top of the Bug Juice.  Of course it knocked it over and the bright blue Bug Juice dripped out of the bottle for the next several hours without me knowing it.  Okay, so it was more like 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There it was, a blue stain about the size of a softball on my carpet and it was dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sigh.....I just can't have nice things!!!!

After several days of looking at this stain I decided to pour some water on the stain and then soak up the water with a towel.  While the stain was still damp I sprinkled some of this on it.

Then I allowed the baking soda to dry.  After it was completely dry I vacuumed the the baking soda up.  And like magic the bright blue stain was G~O~N~E!!!!!!!!!  Okay, so I can have nice things.....if I have baking soda on hand at all times!!

I love handy tips so please feel free to share any you have.

The Farmer's Wife

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