Sunday, February 6, 2011

All (((((SMILES)))))

Alivia had lost one of her front teeth {F for my dental friends} quite some time ago and so the other front tooth {E.... also for my dental friends} remained all by its lonesome for months!!!!

This gives you and idea of the LONE tooth!

This was kind of cute at first, but eventually became an irritation.....for Alivia.... me and something had to be done.  The tooth continued to wiggle more and more everyday.  Within the past week or so I could see that her permanent tooth was starting to erupt causing the lonely tooth to hang slightly lower toward one side {the mesial...also for my dental friends}.  It was quite a site {picture a redneck and you should have a visual}.  Her Dad tried a couple of times to "sneak" it out, but did not have any success because she wouldn't hold still {shocking...I know}.  I tried and had a failed attempt as well.  It came to the point where I could no longer stand looking at the darn thing.  I got Alivia to hold still and I had the tooth in my hand in a matter of seconds.  She was bawling of course!  Once she realized I had the tooth out she was excited to have her picture taken with a toothless smile.  She was a good little patient and with 10 minutes we were able to capture her new smile {because she insisted}!


The Farmer's Wife

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