Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confused Calf???

Tonight Yogi got out of the barn an in with one of our horses.  The barn where Yogi resides opens up to one of our corrals so he wasn't "out out".  Yogi was running back and forth across the pen.  He thought he was big stuff {he told me he was}.  He loved having room to run and was all sorts of hyper.  He is cute {not as in Ryan Reyonlds cute....but as in baby animal cute}.

The kids were watching him run and play and they were laughing because he was being so goofy.  Then all of the sudden Yogi spotted something......could it be his mama?!?!?


Yogi is a bucket calf and Cartoon is a horse.....a gelding too {that means he is a boy, but won't ever be able to make babies}.  I think Yogi may need therapy when he is old enough to understand this picture.

Yogi followed Cartoon all over.  How am I ever going to get Yogi to understand Cartoon is NOT his mama????  Yogi is confused!!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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