Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a Tough Job....

My hubby was kind enough to help me with laundry {gasp, I will let you catch your breath) the other night.  There wasn't much to fold so I "thought" he could handle it.  Here is what he did.

Yep, they are folded.  He just laid them on the counter rather than putting them away.  He has some of them folded in half and then in half again and again.  Then there is one just folded in half and then ALMOST in half again.  The one on top is folded with the design to the inside....sigh!!  So I did what I had to do.

I had to refold them to MY standards.  I am not picky about laundry except when it comes to towels.  They should all be folded with the rolled side facing me {it is so much easier on the eye....and my towel anxiety}.

I put the towels away.  It is amazing we have a drawer in the kitchen specifically for kitchen towels.  Who would ever think to put them in there after you fold them?!?!

Whew, now I will be able to sleep knowing they are properly folded AND put away.  It was touch and go there for about 3 minutes.  Looking at my towels now I have noticed it is probably time to upgrade....they are getting thin {unlike myself}.


PS  My hubby will probably never help me with laundry again.

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