Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kid Conversation

Alivia wanted to color in Hayden's John Deere coloring book {you can imagine how precious this coloring book is to him}, but she could not find it.  She was looking all over for it while Hayden was helping me cook.  After looking for it "forever" {like 1 minute and 12 seconds} she gave up and was begging him to tell her where it was.

This is how their conversation went....

Alivia- "Where is your John Deere coloring book at Hayden?"

Hayden- "I hid it from you Alivia!"

Alivia- "Where did you hide it?"

Hayden- "In MY safe place so you can't find it!"

Alivia- "Where is your safe place at Hayden?"

Hayden- "Come here, I will SHOW you!"

I was trying to keep from laughing too loud.  Kids are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife

PS  I probably should have went and checked out his "hiding" place!!!  Hmmmm.....wonder if he will show me?!?  If not, Alivia will tell....she tells me everything!!!

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