Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spicey Sirloin Kabobs

Spicey Sirloin Kabobs
I love to make kabobs and EAT em too!!!  You can use any veggies you like (that will stay on the stick).  I used green, orange, and red pepper, yellow squash, zucchini, purple onion, and mushrooms.  I would normally add some cherry tomatoes, but our store didn't have any.  I used a large sirloin steak, but you could use chicken as well.

Cut your meat and veggies into 1 inch chunks.  Put the meat in a ziploc bag with the marinade.

Spicey Marinade
2 tbsp water
2 tbsp beef bouillon granules
3 garlic cloves chopped
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp course ground black pepper
½ tsp salt

Add beef bouillon to the water and stir.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix.  Add to the meat in a ziploc bag and shake until all the meat is seasoned.  Allow at least 2 hours for the meat to soak up all this spicey goodness.  I use wood skewers so I always soak them in water for at least an hour.

Add your meat and veggies to the skewers.  You can make them all the same if you suffer from OCD.....but I don't!!!  After they are put together take 2-3 tbsp of vegetable oil and brush each kabob until coated.  

Preheat your grill on med to high heat.  Then grill these wonderful yummy-ness on a stick for about 12 minutes to achieve the perfection (steak will be done to about medium...a nice pink center).  Turn them often so all sides get done.

After they are grilled to perfection.....

Eat them!!!!!  You won't be sorry!!!

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