Saturday, April 2, 2011

Clothespin Board

I made this clothespin board the other day.  I had a piece of baseboard trim leftover from our bathroom remodel that I painted white {it was already white...but sometimes I am an overachiever like that}.  Then I beat myself up over taking seven clothespins from my stash {this might run me a little short when I climb Mt. St. Laundry....AGAIN}.

My choice of supplies included the board, scrapbook paper, clothespins, scissors, paper trimmer {everyone needs a paper trimmer}, spray adhesive, mod podge, aging glaze, hot glue, foam brush, & ribbon {which didn't show up for the photo shoot}.

Steal borrow a shop rag {you can find these in coverall, jean, and shirt pockets of most farmers} and dip into your aging glaze.

Rub the glaze over the board to give it an aged look.  If you get a little too much glaze on you can use a damp cloth and wipe some of it away.  Rub it on until you get your desired look.

Use your paper trimmer and cut a piece of scrapbook paper the width of a clothespin.

Then cut the paper to the length of the clothespin.

Repeat until you have all the scrapbook paper cut to fit the clothespins.

Use the spray adhesive and spray the pieces of scrapbook paper and stick them on the clothespin.

Repeat until all the clothespins look "purdy".

Then lay out your clothespins on your board.  I didn't like the "raw" look of the wood clothespins.

So I used the aging glaze and made them look old.

Then I covered the clothespins with Mod Podge so the paper would be good and stuck.  Let them dry.

Use hot glue and apply it to the back of the clothespins and attach them to the board.

Then I used the ribbon (that failed to show up for the photo shoot) and hot glued it to the board.  I used two pieces of ribbon and tied a bow.  I will hang it my office so I can attach my bills to it {I probably should make a bigger one since I am using it for bills}.

The Farmer's Wife

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  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing! Found you via LLL

  2. I'm stopping by from Homemaker on a Dime and I have to say that this is a very creative idea. I love the way it looks. Great job.

  3. Callig from homemaker on a dime. I just loved you idea! It's great and thanks so much for sharing!
    Now, am your newest follower...hope you will follow me back:)
    Have a lovely week!


  4. Wow! This is so simple and PRETTY! Thank you for sharing :) I am a new follower via Homemaker on a Dime and I invite you to visit my blog at



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