Sunday, June 5, 2011

I {heart} Girly Bogs!

With all the recent rains we have had it has been a little muddy!!!!  Rain + dirt = mud which = muddy roads and a muddy driveway!!!  Rain is good!!!  Rain is necessary for our crops to get a drink so they can grow!!!!  Rain is why my car is never clean....which is not so good, but I have accepted it!!!!

So with it being so muddy I got to break out my new Bogs!!!  I bought them toward the end of winter {which translates into S~A~L~E} and haven't got to wear them yet.  Since I was going to be plowing through mud that was "knee" deep I thought I should test these out.  I always wear the hubs so I didn't really need to test them because I know they are wonderful {except his are way too big}.  Mine are just girly and cute unlike his plain old black ones and made chores so much brighter!!!  I think the bucket calf and horses liked them too!!!!

So I ❤ my girly Bogs!!!  I will love them when it snows, I will love them when it is muddy!!!!  I will not love them when it is 80 degrees outside and dry because my feet would sweat and then they would stink!!!  However, my daughter loves hers when it is 80 degrees and dry!!!


The Farmer's Wife


  1. Those are really neat! You have to tell me where you get them. I seriously need a pair. Right now I wear Target clearance shelf galoshes. They work pretty well, but stuff gets down inside. Looks like those Bogs have a drawstring?!

  2. Nancy I got them at Cabelas. They do not have a drawstring, but they are snug around your leg and nothing gets in them.


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