Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have not had a garden in years.  In fact, the last garden I had was probably twelve years ago.  The hubs and I decided to plant a huge (for us) garden back then.  We had quite a variety of fruits and vegetables.  The garden was getting well taken care of and the plants were about to produce an abundance delicious food.  That is until Mother Nature decided to show up.  She must of been going through PMS or menopause because she was quite angry and sent a hail storm like no other.  That storm wiped out our entire crop and we didn't have to start the combine that year to cut wheat.  Every field {and our garden} looked as if someone had just mowed everything.  There was nothing left at all and our insurance adjuster declared it a 100% loss on our crops.

It has taken years of therapy for me to consider planting another garden after the brutal loss of my last garden.  I am just kidding I didn't have to seek therapy for my garden loss  {although now that I think about it maybe it would have helped}.  My mother in law has an enormous garden and has plenty to go around and is willing to share with us.  Not only is it a large garden, but she produces large plants.  One year we quartered a head of cabbage and the fourth we got was still bigger than an average head of cabbage......{gulp}.

Fast forward to this year and I have a very small garden again.  I am really excited about it.  The hubs built me a raised garden that is about 8'x4'.  He was excited about it as well and wants to build another one!!!!!  We have tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos planted.  It's my salsa garden!!!  We did throw a few cucumber plants in another area too.

I am getting anxious for the garden to start producing and it won't be long now!!!!

Here is the big Roma tomato so far!!!  He is way ahead of the rest of them.....he's a show off!!!!!  There is one in every garden!!!

While playing out in my garden and flowers beds I can usually find my son climbing in with the horses.

Then he will come back and give me instructions on what I need to be doing next.  Along with how to do it and when to do it and where to do it.  Then he will tell me I am not doing it right and do it himself!!!

The Farmer's Wife

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