Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Bittersweet Father's Day

Today is Father's Day {at least for a few more minutes}.  My family and I were able to spend the day with my dad.  Maybe I should say my dad spent the day with us.  He is a great dad and came to help out on the farm this last week.  He is always willing to help out any way he can and we are thankful for that.


I am so blessed that my children are in the midst of their childhood growing up with the most wonderful father.  He teaches them, laughs with them, plays with them, loves them, and this past week he has cried with them.  My husband's father taught my husband that family is EVERYTHING and for that I am grateful!!!!  This past week my father in law lost his battle with cancer and went to be with the Lord.  It has been extremely difficult for all of us.  We knew his cancer was terminal, but that still does not prepare you for the loss of someone you love. 


The picture below is the sunrise the morning after he passed.  We know he is looking down us.

So this Father's Day has been a little bittersweet this year.  He was an amazing father, friend, farmer, and was extremely proud {and so are we} of the service he provided for this great land we call the USA!!!  

The Farmer's Wife


  1. The photo you captured of the sunrise is priceless, {{Hugs}} to you and your family.

  2. Beautiful post.
    Beautiful picture.
    Sounds like a beautiful man.
    Hugs to you and your family.

  3. great pic, jodi! so glad you were able to capture it perfectly!!!

    it just doesn't seem right that he isn't helping get the combine ready for wheat harvest! it's what he did every year for his birthday!!!


  4. A beautiful picture! Our thoughts have been with all of you. We know you all loved your Dad so much and know how much he loved all of you.

  5. I just saw this post.. Im so sorry to hear about your father-n-law.


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