Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You Know You Are A Farmer's Wife When.... part 2

I felt it was time for another round of:

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  1. I was a farmer's wife, my husband and I were forced out of farming during the 1980's. We moved to town and started our life over and now we have an acerage. My husband plows my garden with a John Deere tractor and plow. You can never take farming out of a real farmer and farm wife. The happest days of my marriage have been working in the fields, caring for hogs and cattle. I envy the women who get to work beside their best friends. I wish you all the best because you are the luckiest people in the world.

    1. Well you for sure understand the difficult times of farming. The 80's took a toll on a lot of farmers. I am thankful for the people in our lives that have helped us get where we are today. It's not easy learn to live in debt up to your eyeballs and pray to God daily!!! We feel very blessed to be raising our kids on the farm. It has its days, but in the end it is rewarding.

      It sounds like you are getting to live the life you love again by having an acreage!! I wish you the best!!! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. I am a newly appointed farmer's wife and I just wanted to add one thing to your list for those of us that are new to the business of being a farmer's wife, or in the process of becoming a farmer's wife. You have to plan your wedding day around the weather if you can get into the fields or not. A second one is you have to plan enough time for pictures so you can go home and get chores done then cleaned up again.


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