Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vegas Baby!

I thought I would share some of the highlights of our recent Vegas trip!!!

Las Vegas Blvd. also referred to as The Strip.

New York New York was fabulous!!!  I love that GI-Normous wreath!!!  One advantage of going to Vegas during Christmas time is that everything is decorated to the max!!!  We ate at The Burger Bar here and I would say it was the best food we had in Vegas.  I really wanted to eat at some swanky place, but it just didn't happen.  Everything we ate was so so and over priced, but The Burger Bar in New York New York was pretty tasty!!!

Moving along....Hoover Dam!!!

If you have been to Vegas and not made it to Hoover Dam you have missed out.  We rented a car and drove out to it for the afternoon.  This place is phenomenal!!!  You must go and take the Dam tour!  I can't believe the massive-ness of this place and to think of all the labor that went into it all the years ago when technology was not what it is today.  I was in awe of it!!!  Our Dam tour guide told us there is enough cement in it to make a 4 foot wide sidewalk around the Earth's equator!!!  An amazing piece of American history folks!!!

Moving along to The Bellagio...

The floral display is quite a site.  You can smell the fresh cut flowers as soon as you walk in.  Each display is made out of mainly flowers....millions of them!!!!  I love this huge rocking horse and you can catch a glimpse of the train they had set up making its way around the horse.

The Bellagio offers a water/light show every 30 minutes.  I recommend going at night because it is beautiful and the view of Paris is too!!!

We had to take in Cowboy Christmas while we were there.

Cowboy Christmas has everything you need for life on the ranch.  I loved this vendor who had floral displays made from antlers, ropes, boots, or anything along those lines.  

AND the reason we went to Vegas.....

The National Finals Rodeo!!!  I have wanted to go for sooooo long, and now I have finally been!!! We went to 2 rounds and watched the best of the best compete.  We even got to see Charlie Daniels perform one night!!!!  My 5 year old son has it in his head he wants to ride bulls so he was excited that I video'd some of the bullriders!!!  We hope to take the kids our to the NFR someday, but I want them to be a little older before dragging them to Vegas....ummm yeah, it's Vegas remember. Ha!

We made it down to Fremont Street and got to see several impersonators.  That was fun!!!  The light show was awesome as well.  There were a couple of spray paint artist that we watched create some awesome pieces in a matter of minutes!

The guys went off to do their thing {dune buggies in the dessert} so the girls and I headed down the strip and ended up at The Venetian!!!  

The place is stunning and quite a work of art!  We at lunch at a little place along the water.  I will tell you they have the best Mojitos ever!!!!!!!

And while the men were doing there thing we did a little shopping!

Nope, I didn't snag a Louis Vuitton handbag, but I enjoyed looking.  There was a $330,00 watch in its own special case and guess what....they wouldn't let me take a picture of it...grrrr.  They did inform us they had a watch that was ONLY $130,000!!!  Umm, no thanks.....I don't even wear a watch.  This is the largest Louis Vuitton store in the United States BTW.


Tiffany & Co. was up my alley and guess what....that there sack has a lovely gift wrapped Tiffany box in it for ME!!!  I bought it for myself and told them to do it up right and I will open it on Christmas!!!!  This is how I justified it (because I had to or I wouldn't buy it)....the guys went to ride those dune buggies which wasn't cheap.....and Tiffany & Co. isn't cheap..... Do you know that they have handbags too!!!!  What girls doesn't love Tiffany & Co.?!?!?

So there is a glimpse of our Vegas trip!  This was the first trip/vacation the hubs and I have taken since we have been married!!!  Okay, so it was the second....we went to Estes Park with the kids last year.  I think we need to take more trips!!!!!!!!!!



  1. How fabulous that you were able to go to Las Vegas during the NFR. I love it that time of year though it always seems to get cold. I'm planning on going next year but just to the Christmas shopping. I lived there for years. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  2. Great pictures. What was in your Tiffany box??

    1. A lovely charm bracelet....with no charms....yet!!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Love all the pictures. I always say that a little time away makes me a better mommy and a better wife.

  4. Thanks for posting the pictures! I had an awesome time in Vegas with you. Erika


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