Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Thoughts......

My heart aches for those beautiful children and the brave staff at Newtown Connecticut.  As a parent I
cannot imagine getting that phone call.  The entire situation is horrible and has brought tears to my eyes. As I hugged my kids I thought of the parents that would not get that opportunity any more.  It really makes you cherish every moment and not take it for granted.


Here at The Farmer's Wife I try not to get political.  I don't want to debate politics here.  I am not saying I don't have my strong opinions, but I choose to keep them to myself....WHY.....because that is how I want it here.  Humorous and fun is what I like.

HOWEVER, the shooting at Sandy Hook has had me thinking a lot.  Yes, all the what ifs.  Again, this is my opinion, but I want to express it.  I believe in the right to bear arms.  I come from a long line of family that is all about guns and hunting.  Now, my family uses them to hunt wildlife and shoot at targets, but that is the extent of it.  We don't have AK-47's (or whatever else is along those lines).  Guns bring enjoyment to people who like to hunt to put food on the table.  I would hate to see that right taken away.

I believe that if the right to bear arms is taken away it will not stop the psychotic individuals {like the one who took all those precious lives yesterday including his own mother} from obtaining a weapon.  They will find a way because they are just not right in the head.

What I would be more than fine with is...... teachers, staff, or a school officer trained to use a gun.  I wouldn't want this forced on a staff member if they were not comfortable with it, but I would like to see it as an option for our schools {maybe it is in some places already}.  They had nothing to defend themselves with yesterday.  Remember, guns did not kill those precious lives yesterday....that sick individual did!!!!


Sorry if this offends anyone, just wanted to share my opinion. 


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  1. My husband agrees with you whole-heartedly, and felt that if ONE person had had a gun there and been trained to use it, they would have been able to remove the threat to the children almost immediately (and he was from a hunting family, too). It was such a tragedy, and my heart is still hurting for them all.


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