Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Joys of Winter...

It has been so cold here for a couple weeks.  I think we have had a couple days in which the temperature got into the twenties, but it has been single digits most days and negative degree wind chills....brrrrr!!!!  With the non stop-freezing temps that brings on a lot of chopping ice for the cattle so they can drink.  Chopping ice, a winter joy on the farm...ha!!!

I decided to tag along this morning while my hubs and our hired man did chores.  It was so pretty outside because it snowed ALL day yesterday and the earth was covered with a sparkling white blanket of powder this morning.  The trees were covered in frost that was fluttering to the ground like confetti!  I love that I get a wide open view of it all!!!

Not only was the ground cover amazing, the sky was phenomenal as well.  I snapped a few pictures on my phone to share with you!

We {I use that term loosely} chopped ice and chopped more ice.  Today my hubs decided to get all the ice out of the tanks since they were mostly empty.  Some days we {um...my hubs} just chop a couple holes so the cows are able to drink.  So after chopping all the ice up we {I'm so glad I was such great help} threw all the big chunks of out of the tanks.  Next to each of our stock tanks it appears as though there are Eskimos living there because the piles of ice resemble an igloo...lol!

When it is so cold like this, I try to remember what it will be like in the summer with 115 degree temps with all the yucky humidity so I can tolerate the cold, but that doesn't always work....it is still COLD!!!


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  1. That does look so cold. This brings back memories and I am so glad that I don't have to do that anymore. Seems we have to find a balance with this weather stuff. Happy New Year.


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