Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HELP Name Our Puppy

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family.....his name so far is "Puppy".  "Puppy" is a yellow lab and he loves attention and cuddling.  I have a soft spot for Labs.  I grew up with a lab and she was such a great family dog.  I wanted to get my kids the perfect family dog as well so we got a yellow lab several years ago.  A few months ago Molly went to dog heaven and the kids were heartbroken.  It has been so strange not having a dog to chase off rabbits and greet us with a "smile" whenever we return home.  There was a lot of debate about getting another dog and what kind to get.  Myself and my 3 younger children were voting for a lab.  My husband and oldest wanted a blue heeler because they wanted a "working" cattle dog.  My hubs eventually caved and let us get another lab.   

Since we don't have a name yet we would love your BOY puppy name suggestions.  Please leave a comment with your suggestion.  You can also like my  Facebook page and leave your suggestion there.

Puppies are so darn cute!!!

How cute is that?

Thanks for your help in naming our new puppy!!!



  1. I am dying at stinkin' cute this puppy is!!! Oh my! Seriously is there anything cuter than a puppy?! These pics melt my heart! I already put suggestions on fb, but I'll repeat them here: Hank, Scout or Ace


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