Monday, March 26, 2012

Preparing for Spring

Spring has arrived early this year.  We have had amazingly warm temperatures.   Today's high is suppose to hit 87 degrees {I am not complaining}.  The wheat fields look luxurious and I swear I can actually see it growing.  With springs early arrival that means that my hubs is preparing for the spring planting and spraying season earlier than normal.  

A few years ago we purchased a sprayer so we would be able to spray our fields rather than to hire it done.  It is probably one of the best purchases from a financial standpoint, plus we can control when the fertilizer is applied.  It seems when we hired it done it would never fail that the company we hired to do it would show up when the wind was blowing 9-0.  I always wondered if any of the fertilizer actually landed in the fields when it was so windy.

One disadvantage of doing our own spraying was filling the sprayer.  We have a large well that we use to fill the sprayer at our feedlot.  Anytime the sprayer was empty my hubs would have to leave the field he was working in and drive the tractor and sprayer to out feedlot to refill it with water.  In the essence of time this can be rather inconvenient so this year we have stepped up and now have a trailer with tanks to haul to the fields rather than my hubs leaving the field to go refill.

Nothing like another project on the farm!!!  To complete this project my hubs was in need of someone who was small enough to fit inside the water tank opening {that eliminated me}, but tall enough to reach the top {my son was a little upset he didn't get this job because he wasn't tall enough}.  Our middle daughter was the perfect choice with her petite stature.

My hubs wanted to put a clear hose attached at the top and bottom of the tank so he could see how full the tank was at a glance.  This meant cutting a hole at the top and bottom and placing a tank bung on the inside of the tank to attach the hose on the outside.

Here she goes!

She was successful and we have the tube attached.

There are two tanks so she did this job twice and it was really hot out when she was inside those tanks.  I  made her drink plenty of water when she got out....because I am a super mom like that!!

After her job was done, it was up to my hubs and Jr {our hired man} to do all the plumbing and get this functional.  These smaller tanks mix up all the requires a pump and a bunch of plumbing parts.....don't ask me....I really don't understand how it all works.

It ended up looking like this.

After getting everything hooked up my hubs brought the truck and trailer over to the feedlot to fill it with water and make sure it all worked.

When it was up and running it looked like this.  There was quite the excitement over seeing it work and this little tornado looking thing inside the tank.

Another successful project on the farm.  Oh, and while I was at the feedlot I snapped a picture of this hill in our pasture.  I have REALLY BIG DREAMS for this hill.....maybe someday.....



  1. Wow! What an accomplishment! That is so awesome! I LOVE how handy all the men (and their children) are in these parts.

    As for the big hill . . . is that where you'll put a Starbucks?!?!?!

  2. Nancy C. I could maybe make you something "similar" to Starbucks in my "dream" kitchen....on that big hill.

  3. I bet you could! I'm on a diet right now, and it's going very well, but my BIGGEST craving has been iced coffee! Ugh.

    I hope you get your dream kitchen some day . . . if it gets to be anything like the pictures you post on pinterest, it will be to die for!!!

  4. It is great to have such a handy and creative husband also! He is just as creative as you! You make a good pair!!


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